20 Celebrities who practice yoga to be in a good shape

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If stalking celebs who practice yoga on the gram, Twitter or even Pinterest is the closest you’ve gotten to get your Namaste on, let us help you get down on the mat by bombarding you with even more inspiration. From Royals to A-listers, Game of Thrones stars to super-famous chefs, the number of celebrities that like zen meditation is vast and diverse.

The list of reasons why we should all practice yoga more is as long as it is true, ranging from growing lean, strong muscle to clearing your mind and finding some calm and space in our days. As in, a lot.

The word “yoga” comes from the root word “YUJ,” which indicates “to yoke” or “to bind.” The phrase itself has a number of meanings, ranging from astrological alignment to balancing, all of which are united by the idea of connectivity.

Yoga can actually improve your mental health, according to scientific studies. According to a study published in the International Journal of Yoga, yoga practice can assist to lower anxiety symptoms over time. If you haven’t started yet but want to join the many celebs who practice yoga, don’t worry. Simply read yoga for beginners’ advice and you’ll be back-bending in no time.

Oh, and if you’re looking for some yoga inspiration and/or encouragement, these celebrities who love to do it should do the trick.

Kate Hudson is number one

20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape Kate Hudson

She’s a former WH cover model, a mother of one, and a Reformer Pilates expert. Kate Hudson has long been a devotee of getting down on her mat and stretching. Surprisingly, her young one, Rani, did as well. Even with the “hands-on” adjustments, Rani makes Kate’s morning flow a little more difficult by “helping” mum by clinging onto her legs during downward dog.

Kate Beckinsale is number two on the list

Kate Beckinsale 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

Kate Beckinsale can stretch, flow, flip tires (no, really), and lift big weights according to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s tough training routine. The 47-year-old executes an excellent splits-stretch beside her front door, demonstrating how seriously she takes her daily stretches. Which, of course, we all do on a regular basis.

Lea Michele is an actress who is well-known for her role

Lea Michele 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

Have you ever seen a dancer strike a more flawless pose? On International Yoga Day, singer and actor Lea Michele shared this stunning photo. Lea told Women’s Health in 2015 that her favorite style of yoga is hot yoga she enjoys activities that have a little spirituality to them. It’s the perfect blend of meditation, detoxification, and a tremendous workout for her.

Meghan Markle

 Meghan Markle 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

Meghan’s passion for yoga is unexpected given her mother’s profession as a yoga teacher. Doria and Meghan are frequently seen walking to yoga class with their yoga mats. Meghan acknowledged to Canadian magazine Best Health that “yoga is my thing.”  As a kid, she was really resistive, but her mom Doria told her, ‘Flower [her nickname for Meghan], you will find your practice if you just give it time. Then she started doing it more often in college, she revealed.

Fearne Cotton

Strict' mum Fearne Cotton says it 'freaks her out' when her kids use iPad -  Mirror Online

Grab some much-needed headspace on your mat as Fearne did. Crow Pose, a stunning maneuver, may not be available on your first session, but work your way up. It’s not so much about the positions themselves as it is about how they make you feel. And if Fearne is any indication, she’s calm, powerful, and capable. Win!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Does Yoga in 1st Vital Proteins Campaign: Watch

Jen has been a self-described yogi for a long time. Since 2005, to be exact. Jen’s favorite yoga-flows have yet to be revealed on Instagram, despite the fact that she has just recently joined the platform. She has, however, shared over the years that yoga is how she develops inner power and long, slim limbs.

Miranda Kerr is a model and actress

Miranda Kerr‘s Instagram proves she is a yoga and self-care prodigy. The founder and CEO of Kora Organics, as well as a former Victoria’s Secret model, is a yogi to the core. She enjoys yoga and other activities. One thing is certain: a three-legged backbend isn’t something you can perform with just a little practice.

Nathalie Emmanuel

Do you prefer Game of Thrones or Game of Pose? Nathalie Emmanuel, who has appeared in Game of Thrones, Misfits, and Hollyoaks, has been a long-time yogi, even travelling to Morocco to complete her teacher training in 2018. She also has a great sense of style when it comes to leggings. *Eyes of the heart*

Eva Longoria is an actress who is well-known for her role

Eva Longoria shared a video on Instagram of herself performing an incredible headstand with excellent technique. (Take a look at those 90-degree arms, for example.) The actor is a firm believer in yoga and its therapeutic benefits. Eva returned to yoga and pilates after having a child in 2018, but she also made time to lift weights.

Melanie Sykes

Melanie Sykes shows she's in fabulous shape at 48 with a strenuous yoga  session - Manchester Evening News

Melanie Sykes, a TV and radio presenter, is no stranger to the mat, having used it to boost her mood on Valentine’s Day, which we think is a huge win. Melanie looks radiant after class, opting for a Vinyasa movement to get the blood and energy flowing.

Charlize Theron

CHARLIZE THERON at Soulcycle in Los Angeles 11/03/2018 – HawtCelebs

The tabloids may regularly publish images of Charlize Theron exiting LA yoga facilities. This is due to the actor’s weekly practice of two 90-minute sessions of power yoga. In one lesson, you could almost finish her 2017 film Atomic Blonde. Now I’m off to figure out how to be as dedicated as Charlize.

Martha Hunt is a well-known actress

Martha Hunt at Train Like an Angel with Victoria's Secret in New York City

Martha Hunt, Victoria’s Secret model, and renowned T-Swift acquaintance discovered low-impact yoga after undergoing spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. Martha writes for the Scoliosis Research Society, “I fell in love with low-impact yoga and later Pilates.” “I became highly focused on exercise since I realized it was the only way to keep my back strong even after surgery.” She can almost stretch herself into a full king pigeon as a result of her efforts.

Nina Dobrev 


Beautiful sceneries are used by even your favorite celebs for the ideal yoga-pose Instagram image. Nina Dobrev‘s exquisite dancer’s position was complemented by an excellent caption: “Should we head back down? Right now, I’d like to greet you with a Namaste.” Iconic. Yoga is part of her “workout mix,” which also includes boxing, running, weight training, and group courses, according to the 2018 Women’s Health cover star.

Ellie Goulding is a British singer-songwriter

Ellie Goulding says exercise addiction took over her life and affected  career - Mirror Online

Pants don’t seem to make a difference in whether or not you can do the splits. Ellie Goulding‘s flexibility in chaps has given me a new lease on life. If you want to learn yoga-like Ellie, you should subscribe to her IGTV channel.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry, 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

Halle Berry is a fitness goddess, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it on Instagram. One #FitnessFriday, Halle shared her incredible shoulder stand with an encouraging message: “It’s critical for me to stretch and lengthen when I work out.” Running, lifting, and punching aren’t the only ways to stay fit. Being athletic and highly fit, in my opinion, also entails being motionless, stretching, and breathing. Stretching is a vital part of my training routine since it keeps my muscles long and limber, enhances my mobility and range of motion, and, most importantly, keeps me injury-free.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

The ideal way to practice yoga is with a friend, like Alessandra Ambrosio, model, and creator of GAL Floripa illustrated in this supporting headstand. Her Instagram feed is full of yoga inspiration. When Alessandra attended the Oscars in 2015, she didn’t even take a night off from yoga.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress

20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape, Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of Goop, appears to be having a little too much fun doing this side plank. (Could I have some of that energy, please?) The health and fitness expert is a yogi who has even taken part in the female-led Kundalini Yoga. Gwyneth, let that positive energy flow!

Reese Witherspoon is a well-known actress

Reese Witherspoon Practices Yoga with 'Treat Pose' for Dogs Hank & Lou |  PEOPLE.com

movers and shakers in Hollywood Reese Witherspoon (on the right) perform an excellent handstand. The nicest thing is that she’s doing it in a group setting. Yoga is simply one component of Reese’s lifestyle inspiration.

Jenna Dewan 

 Jenna Dewan 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

Jenna Dewan has genuinely invented a new position. It isn’t exactly a tripod headstand, but it isn’t a handstand either. Should it simply be referred to as a plank stand? In any case, the Women’s Health cover star is a great believer in the benefits of yoga for the mind. She tries to get out a couple of days a week just because it’s beneficial for her mind, body, and soul–and everyone in the house benefits from that.

Jessica Biel is a well-known actress

Jessica Biel 20-celebrities-who-practise-yoga-to-be-in-a-good-shape

The perfectly proportioned Jessica Biel understands how to use a yoga wheel to take her practice to the next level. In 2018, Biel said that she tries to get in 20 to 30 minutes of yoga every day since it altered her life. She was looking for her personal identity and what identifies her, she explained and yoga became a place for her to reconnect with herself and her faith.

While modern media and advertising may lead us to believe that yoga is solely about physical poses, yoga encompasses a wide range of contemplative and self-discipline activities, including meditation, chanting, mantra, prayer, breathwork, ritual, and even selfless action are all examples of selfless action.

Share this blog with your friends and family whom you might want to do yoga.

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