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Every person’s body differs from other bodies, and so do people’s health goals. With a wide array of services from medical support to nutrition programs, PALM Health strives to serve every member on a personal level.
“Our vision is for people to feel their personal best in mind and body,” says CEO Dr. Lauren Dal Farra. “To achieve that, we take a whole-person approach focusing on the health of the body and thoughts, placing importance on each person’s sense of purpose and meaning in life, and helping people cultivate a sense of connectedness to others.”
PALM Health offers more than 120 services all under one roof, including personal training, wellness therapies such as acupuncture and saunas, Pilates and other movement courses, medical services and more. The wellness club’s providers form meaningful connections with members and create customized recommendations tailored to members’ specific goals.
“We take a whole-person approach because it’s sustainable and makes a lasting impact on both prevention and treatment of illness,” Dr. Dal Farra explains. PALM Health further offers a variety of membership packages based on what each individual needs or wants most out of her or his experience.
For those looking to develop better eating habits, improve their nutrition, lose weight – or all of the above – PALM Health has two programs that will help you start 2022 out right.
“Our Balanced Living Program helps people lose weight and keep it off,” Dr. Dal Farra says. “This program gives members the tools they need to succeed in long-term goals centered on making healthy lifestyle choices and fostering positive relationships with food and their own body.”
This approach incorporates stress reduction and detoxification therapies, exercise and weekly weigh-ins. It’s also supported by a PALM Lite menu in the café with lighter-calorie menu items. “The café uses local and organic produce to create balanced meals,” Dr. Dal Farra adds. “It’s a Mediterranean diet with a focus on fresh veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.”
PALM Health’s second program is the Precision Nutrition Program, designed for people more focused on their digestive health: people experiencing abdominal pain and bloating or fatigue that they think is diet-related or related to food sensitivities. “We have a number of specialty labs that look deeply at their gut health, which can be done in person or virtually,” Dr. Dal Farra says.
With PALM Health, you get more than a typical health club or doctor’s office. Through taking a whole-person approach and offering the best of medicine, fitness, and wellness therapies, PALM Health can help you transform your health today.
PALM Health, 9160 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314-801-8898,
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