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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – Coplin Health Systems is putting in a new Health and Wellness Center at Parkersburg high school.
Something that officials with the organization say they are excited to give to the public.
“Schools are the hub of the community,” says Coplin Health Systems chief operations officer, Carrie Pennybacker. “And every time we open a school-based clinic in the community, it is more people that are reached and receive quality healthcare.”
This facility will be affordable for those with and without health insurance.
“Part of our mission is to serve the uninsured and under insured,” says chief executive officer, Rob Dudley. “And so, we have a sliding fee program that is available to those who may not have income levels enough to afford quality healthcare. So, we offer quality healthcare at a discounted rate.”
The Health and Wellness center is designed to provide people in the Parkersburg high school area with primary care. Such as chronic disease management and acute care.
This will include physicals, vaccinations, COVID-19 tests, and much more.
Officials say that the center will serve a lot of people in need.
“We wanted to make sure that this community in particular had opportunity to have access near to home,” says senior project manager, Sarah Barton. “So, we’re actually within a two-mile walking area of a very high-need population.”
The Health and Wellness Center cost $150 thousand to put together.
The groups that gave funds for the center include the McDonough Foundation, Sisters Health Foundation, Sisters of St. Joseph’s Foundation, and Parkersburg Area Community Foundation.
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