What's your state's favorite Christmas cookie? Google shares unique holiday searches – USA TODAY

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Time to break out the candy canes – Christmas season is officially here.  
Families across the U.S. will bake their favorite Christmas cookies and holiday treats in the coming weeks, turning to traditional recipes and trying new ones.
And if you’re wondering if your favorite Christmas cookie is the same as your nearby friends, family and neighbors, Google shared with USA TODAY a list of uniquely searched Christmas cookies by state.   
“It was interesting to see how different regions of the U.S. seem to be interested in different types of cookies. The East coast seemed to favor the internationally inspired cookies in Search, while the South seemed to be searching for Christmas flavored treats, and the Midwest was searching for Christmas cookies with alternative ingredients,” Google Trends curator Annanya Raghavan told USA TODAY.  
The map shows Christmas cookies that were over-represented in a state compared to the country as a whole. It includes searches from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6, as Americans were baking some of their first batches of holiday desserts.  
Check out your state’s uniquely searched Christmas cookie below:  
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Alabama — Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Alaska — Chocolate Christmas Cookies  
Arizona — Cream Cheese Christmas Cookies  
Arkansas — Christmas Sugar Cookies  
California — Snoopy Christmas Cookies  
Colorado — Keto Christmas Cookies  
Connecticut — Italian Christmas Cookies  
Delaware — Chocolate Crinkle Cookies  
District of Columbia — Old Fashioned Italian Christmas Cookies  
Florida — Hershey Kiss Christmas Cookies  
Georgia — Christmas Rice Krispie Treats  
Hawaii — Cherry Christmas Cookies  
Idaho — Peppermint Christmas Cookies  
Illinois — Chocolate Crinkle Cookies  
Indiana — Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Iowa — Keto Christmas Cookies  
Kansas — M&M Christmas Cookies  
Kentucky — Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Louisiana — Christmas Cookie Cake  
Maine — Gluten Free Christmas Cookies  
Maryland — Greek Christmas Cookies  
Massachusetts — Swedish Christmas Cookies  
Michigan — Snowball Cookies  
Minnesota — Gluten Free Christmas Cookies  
Mississippi — Christmas Cookie Ice Cream 
Missouri — Christmas Cookie Dip  
Montana — Gluten Free Christmas Cookies  
Nebraska — Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Nevada — Christmas Sugar Cookies  
New Hampshire — Chocolate Christmas Cookies  
New Jersey — Italian Christmas Cookies  
New Mexico — Peppermint Christmas Cookies  
New York — Anise Christmas Cookies  
North Carolina — Christmas Cookie Ice Cream  
North Dakota — Norwegian Christmas Cookies  
Ohio — Snowball Cookies  
Oklahoma —Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Oregon — Lemon Christmas Cookies  
Pennsylvania — Italian Christmas Cookies  
Rhode Island — Italian Christmas Cookies  
South Carolina — Christmas Cookie Ice Cream  
South Dakota — Keto Christmas Cookies  
Tennessee — Christmas Cookie Fudge  
Texas — Christmas Cookie Ice Cream  
Utah — Oreo Christmas Cookies  
Vermont — Italian Christmas Cookies  
Virginia — Ooey Gooey Christmas Cookies  
Washington — Vegan Christmas Cookies  
West Virginia — Chocolate Christmas Cookies  
Wisconsin — Gluten Free Christmas Cookies  
Wyoming — Keto Christmas Cookies  


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