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Jim Mayer visits Niagara Falls with his wife, Julieth.

Jim Mayer visits Niagara Falls with his wife, Julieth.
Dave Lukow and Jim Mayer thought Niagara Falls, USA could use a little boost.
So they got together and wrote a song they hope may one day help market the city as one of the true must-see destinations in all the world.
“Niagara Falls is still inspiring people in many different ways and it inspired that song,” Mayer said.
“That song” is called “Bordertown.”
It was written and produced by Lukow, a Williamsville resident, and Mayer, a Clarence native who currently lives in Kansas City. Together, the pair form the studio band, Jama Touvetti, which has so far released 11 songs and 15 YouTube videos.
“Bordertown,” with lyrics written by Lukow, is their ode to the American side of the falls.
In writing the lyrics for “Bordertown,” Lukow said he tried to capture the “thunder” of the “towering walls” and the “timeless wonder” of the “majestic” falls.
As the song notes, the falls is a place known for “family trips to honeymoons” that is a “bordertown of boundless beauty.”
One verse sums up the thoughts millions of national and international visitors say to themselves each year: “I think I need a vacation. I’m going to Niagara Falls.”
Despite its often-battered image, Lukow believes the American side still has a lot going for it.
While Canada may have more commercial development, Lukow said experiencing the falls up-close in America remains “priceless” and “breathtaking.”
“It tells a story about a great place, a place that’s underrated because of the natural beauty that’s there,” Lukow said of his band’s song.
Mayer admits that he took the beauty of the Falls for granted, something he didn’t fully realize until he returned for a visit last year with his wife, Julieth, who had never visited the falls before.
“In a word,” Mayer said, “she was stunned by the experience.”
“Out of all the years I grew up there I think I’ve been to Niagara Falls a half dozen times, I don’t know, 10 times or so,” Mayer said. “To me, it was just ‘OK, Niagara Falls, let’s go.’ I pretty much forget how much it can impress somebody new who never saw it before.”
Drawing inspiration for its musical sound from the 1970s band Steely Dan, Jama Touvetti specializes in producing song demos that can be re-recorded by other artists or used as part of promotional videos or by television or movie producers.
Lukow and Mayer, both age 60, have known each other since they were children. They started collaborating on music projects in 2019 and officially formed Jama Touvetti last May.
Lukow usually writes the lyrics and sends them to Mayer who produces the music at his studio in Kansas City.
Both musicians are hoping the licensing rights for “Bordertown” will be picked up by a tourism group or private business with an interest in promoting a positive vibe about Niagara Falls, USA.
“It’s a beautiful place and that’s what we really wanted to stress in the song,” Lukow said. “I tried to stay positive with this kind of song. We didn’t want to put anything negative in there. We wanted it to be a great promotional song.”
Mark Scheer writes for the Niagara Gazette. Reach him at [email protected].
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