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Posted on December 9, 2021 by Health, Sponsored
Different vitamins, amino acids and coenzymes can be used to treat a broad range of medical conditions holistically.
Offering high-quality vitamin hydration therapies, experienced staff, and convenient mobile service, IV Elements has a line on the IV infusion market.
IV therapy and ‘drip’ bars have become one of the hottest new wellness trends based on their ability to efficiently deliver a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients directly to the bloodstream, where they can be readily absorbed by the body. And IV Elements — an on-demand mobile intravenous vitamin hydration company providing IV infusion, vitamin drips, and wellness services throughout New Jersey — is right on point with its broad range of FDA-approved therapies, experienced staff, convenient and high-quality service, and dedication to delivering an outstanding customer experience.
Based on her background in IV infusion therapy and vitamin drips as a nurse practitioner with a nutrition certification from Cornell University and practical experience at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick as well as at substance abuse clinics throughout New York City and New Jersey, “I saw such an alleviation in symptoms with these types of treatments and always wished that people had access to more holistic options,” shared Rebecca LaMarca, MSN, FNP-BC, CNS, founder of IV Elements (based in Hoboken and Asbury Park) in 2019.
Offering a blend of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and coenzymes, all FDA-approved and overseen by renowned Garden State neurosurgeon and IV Elements Medical Director/Co-Founder Shabbar Danish, “each cocktail delivers its own benefit,” LaMarca explained. “Our most popular services include infusion therapies for immune support, illness recovery, GI issues, skin brightening, and increased energy. Some customers feel tired or experience brain fog after battling COVID and look to us to give them a boost or detox their body from that virus, while still others reach out to us for cocktails that reduce inflammation, stress, depression, and/or anxiety.”
According to LaMarca, IV Elements also offers specialty IVs that address everything from cancer treatment (high-dose vitamin C) and Lyme disease to autoimmune issues, substance use disorder, and more with NAD+ therapy. “As societal interest in and embracement of holistic measures and well-being have grown, we’ve evolved into more of an alternative medicine, functional practice,” she said. “We thoroughly consult with each client before they come to us to understand their symptoms and goals and then develop their optimal treatment plan.”
Wellness from Within
IV vitamin therapy is an easy and relatively painless process that can be administered in the comfort of one’s home or office or at an event.
After speaking with one of IV Elements’ knowledgeable team members — any of 10 experienced nurses, all of whom are full employees of the company — “we take time to educate clients so that they know exactly what they’re getting and feel comfortable,” said LaMarca of infusions that are administered at the client’s home, business, or another location of their choice and start at $144. Relatively painless, “some clients feel a little tired after receiving an infusion because it relaxes them while others feel energized, but all will feel the benefits of the IV that week in the form of better sleep, more energy, greater clarity, etc.
“We hope to promote awareness of our beneficial services and extend them to as many people as possible,” said LaMarca, who noted that her company’s success wouldn’t be possible without the outstanding support she’s received from Dr. Danish, her company partners Samantha Granet (website coordinator) and Casey Musarra (social media coordinator), and nursing director of their Asbury Park location, Ryan Krone.
“We hope to save lives and make people feel better mentally and physically,” LaMarca said of her company’s goals. “Interest in IV infusion therapy has grown rapidly and it’s been great to see more and more physicians embracing this approach and approving it as part of their patients’ health and wellness plans.”
Among the best parts of LaMarca’s job? “I love to give families hope, be there for them in difficult times, and help drive wellness from the inside out,” she said.
For questions or to book an appointment, contact IV Elements at 888-611-DRIP (3747) or visit

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