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The first ever edition of NWA USA kicked off with May Valentine interviewing the father and son team of PJ and Luke Hawx. They will face off against each in the main event as part of the Junior Heavyweight title tournament. Luke noted that they train together but they don't normally compete against one another so things might be a little awkward out there. He told his son to just go out there and wrestle like he's been taught to.
Joe Galli, Austin Idol, and Velvet Sky were on commentary.
Kyle Davis interviewed George South. South said he tried to reach out to Colby Corino about his match this week, andCorino never got back to him, however. Corino's run-in buddies the Fixers then came out and Wrecking Ball Legursky attacked South from behind.
Kyle Davis announced that Storm is the new managing director of NWA USA. Storm came out and announced that the Fixers have been suspended for attacking George South.
Colby Corino defeated CW Anderson (with George South) to advance in the Junior Heavyweight title tournament
CW Anderson has a long history with Steve Corino but in the debut match on NWA USA, he took on Steve's son Colby Corino in the junior heavyweight title tournament. After being attacked by the Fixers, George South was in CW's corner for this one. The Fixers were notably absent from Corino's corner after having been suspended by Tim Storm.
After some grappling to start the match, CW connected with a big super kick which sent his opponent to the outside. Corino would miss a knife edge chop and hit his own hand on the ring post while the two were brawling around ringside. He would end up on offense shortly after.
Corino got a near-fall off his Colby Crush standing flipping senton. Shortly after, Anderson went for another super kick but it was countered by Corino into a pinning combination. Corino put his feet up on the ropes for leverage and scored the pin. Austin Idol was adamant that Corino did not cheat, though it was quite obvious that he did.
Corino will move on to face the winner of Kerry Morton vs Jamie Stanley in the next round of the tournament.
Corino seems like someone who could win this tournament. He's picked up some notable wins lately and it feels like the NWA is really behind him. If he doesn't win the tournament, he should go pretty deep in it.
We cut to Natalia Markova being photographed in what looked like a professional photoshoot. Markova started to yell at the photographer for not being professional and for staring at her. She then stormed out.
Nick Aldis promo. Aldis said that NWA USA is for up-and-comers who want to make a name for themselves. He said he'd be taking notes backstage.
NWA National Champion Chris Adonis then came out. Kyle Davis noted that the National Championship will be a featured title on NWA USA. Adonis called himself the greatest NWA National Champion of all time. Austin Idol didn't like that comment, he said he was the first and the best National Champion of all time.
Joe Galli announced that next week Anthony Mayweather will take on Marshe Rockett, and Ariya Daivari will face J. Spade in a Junior Heavyweight title tournament match.
Luke Hawx defeated PJ Hawx to advance in the Junior Heavyweight title tournament
Joe Galli noted in commentary that father and son facing each other was simply a matter of a random draw to determine the tournament brackets.
After some back-and-forth grappling to start the match, PJ picked up the first advantage after delivering a dropkick to his father. Luke then hit a power slam, showing he's not going to take things lightly on his son.
PJ got a two count off a big vertical suplex. He got another near fall off a flying crossbody shortly after. He then locked his father into a Boston crab, but Luke reversed it into a pinning combination and got the 3-count.
Luke will move on to face Austin Aries in the next round of the tournament.
Following the match, father and son hugged it out in the ring as the show came to an end.
Final Thoughts:
This was a quick and enjoyable 30 minutes of NWA wrestling. It was interesting that both matches featured wrestlers from different generations going against each other. We had father and son squaring off in the main event, and then Colby Corino going up against his father's former Xtreme Horsemen stablemate, CW Anderson.
Colby Corino's work is starting to become something to take note of. He looks to be someone who will be featured prominently in the junior heavyweight division and on the NWA USA show.
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Father and son collide in the first-ever episode of NWA USA.
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