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Oct 04, 2022, 08:38 ET
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AI-driven healthtech B-corp officially opens its transformative clinical trials to the entire dietary supplement industry, with leading brands already undertaking historic studies
SAN DIEGO, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Radicle Science, the first-and-only AI-driven healthtech B-corp offering the first easy path for health and wellness products to clinically prove their true effects beyond placebo, today announced, among other honors, that it has been named by KPMG as one of America’s Top 10 “Tech Innovators” out of thousands of companies evaluated. This award recognizes Radicle Science for having “developed innovative, proven technologies, established robust business models, demonstrated traction and exhibiting the potential to become a ‘future tech titan.'”  The Radicle Science executive team also won individual accolades for their respective contributions to the healthcare and life science sectors and business leadership overall. 

Radicle Science’s innovative crowdsourced and virtual standardized clinical trials deliver objective health outcome data across diverse conditions and populations—all at unprecedented affordability, speed and scale.
After launching last year, Radicle Science conducted a multitude of history’s first and largest clinical trials on a variety of natural ingredients, studying 20,000 Americans across numerous health conditions.  In Q3 2022, the company officially opened access to its transformative clinical trial approach for the first time to the entire supplement and nutraceutical industry, with leading brands already enrolled in its historic large-scale trials commencing in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. 
Addressing Urgent Needs for Research with Historic First Studies
After launching in 2021, Radicle Science immediately responded to the urgent industry need and escalating demand for hemp cannabinoid research.  Radicle Science conducted a series of the largest, first-of-its-kind blinded randomized controlled clinical trials on USDA hemp-derived cannabinoid products, including CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and THCV.  These landmark clinical trials delivered objective health outcome data across numerous health conditions ranging from pain to cognition. Radicle Science recently released results from its latest completed trial: the world’s first sleep study comparing cannabinoid products against melatonin that was conducted in partnership with Open Book Extracts (OBX).  Importantly, all Radicle Science clinical trials include diverse populations typically excluded from traditional clinical trials.
“A key difference in the ‘Radicle’ approach is the vast scale and heterogeneity of our clinical trials, enabling us to study dosages, consumption, effectiveness and side effects across large numbers of diverse participants,” said Pelin Thorogood, Radicle Science Co-Founder and Executive Chair.  “The large scale of our studies serve to increase the statistical confidence of findings and their relevance to the broader population.”
Bridging the Proof Gap in Supplements
In Q3 2022, Radicle Science opened its clinical trials for the first time to all dietary supplement and nutraceutical manufacturers. 
The game-changing speed, affordability and scalability of the Radicle Science clinical trial approach is now being applied to address a tremendous need for clinical proof in the supplement industry to 1) conduct evidence-based product development to release the most effective products, and 2) make strong defensible structure/function claims for products already on the market.
Leading brands in the supplement space, including Gaia Herbs and Neurohacker, have already enrolled in Radicle Science’s groundbreaking clinical trials.  Gaia Herbs, the NEXTY award-winning brand that set the gold standard for ethical transparency in the supplement industry, has partnered with Radicle Science to study the effectiveness of its products for stress and anxiety.  Neurohacker, named by San Diego Business Journal as one of the top two health and wellness brands, is partnering with Radicle Science to research efficacy for cognition.
Dr. Jeremy Stewart, Gaia Herb’s Chief Scientist and VP of Scientific Affairs, shared, “Founded in 1987 on the principles of purity, potency and transparency, Gaia Herbs is committed to ensuring all of our products are ‘Made to a Gaia Standard.’ This means using ingredients that undergo rigorous DNA and purity testing, and collaborating with industry-changing companies like Radicle Science who share our high standards. We are excited to partner with them to conduct novel large scale, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials to build our body of evidence to further validate the efficacy of our formulations.”
James Schmachtenberger, Co-Founder and CEO of Neurohacker said, “We are dedicated to research and development, including choosing our ingredients using the best data available.  We are thrilled to take our research to the next level with Radicle Science’s disruptive clinical trials, which will provide invaluable data on optimal dosages and efficacy across all key demographics.”   
Radicle Science currently offers standardized clinical trials on an array of health areas, including sleep, stress, anxiety, pain, energy, appetite, cognition, quality of life, and overall health and wellness.  Standardized clinical trials for digestive health, immunity and women’s health are forthcoming in 2023.
New Awards for Innovative Research
Radicle Science’s transformative, AI-driven and crowdsourced virtual approach to proving the effectiveness of health and wellness products has resulted in many honors over the course of 2022, including: 
“Our team is grateful and humbled by the support and acknowledgements,” said Dr. Jeff Chen, Radicle Science CEO and Co-Founder.  “We are excited to work with research-driven brands such as Gaia Herbs and Neurohacker as we bridge the proof gap between nutraceuticals and prescription drugs.  It’s an honor to generate this first-of-its kind evidence as we help shepherd an amazing new chapter for human health and consumer empowerment.”
About Radicle Science
Radicle Science is the first-and-only AI-driven healthtech  B-corp offering history’s first easy path for non-pharmaceutical products to clinically prove their true effects beyond placebo. Radicle Science leverages a crowdsourced, virtual and direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach, enabling research across diverse populations and conditions at unprecedented affordability, speed and scale.  The company’s Radicle vision is an abundant future where democratized access to clinical trials transforms non-pharmaceutical products into proven personalized medicines, accessible by all, without gatekeepers.  To learn more about Radicle Science, visit
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