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‘I’m human just like anyone else and I felt I had this mission to make the world a better place starting with mental health,’ Balvin shared in a statement.
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J Balvin is taking his advocacy for mental health awareness to the next level with the launch of OYE, a bilingual Spanish and English language wellness app.
“This is one of my biggest dreams because it comes from my heart,” Balvin told TechCrunch in an interview. “I’m human just like anyone else and I felt I had this mission to make the world a better place starting with mental health.”
As co-founder, Balvin will serve as Chief Dream Officer, or CDO, and carry the task of pushing the team at OYE to dream bigger. The app was founded with creative wellness activist Mario Chamorro, who serves as acting CEO, and creative strategist Patrick Dowd, who is now the company’s COO.
“[We’re] transforming the way that we talk about mental and emotional wellness, from something that is seen as a private burden to something that is a creative opportunity to exercise to create new aspects of your life,” Dowd shared. “We’ve actually built two versions of our app that we’re launching this month. One of them is entirely in Spanish, the other is entirely in English, and our team is also bilingual and spread across the Americas.”
OYE aims to provide users with half-hour daily wellness practices and check-ins with the addition of guided training to help them better understand their emotions. The app will initially launch with a one-month free trial option after which users can opt-in for the $4.99 monthly subscription.
“After the pandemic, global youth – really, everyone – is extremely burnt-out. Anxiety, depression, and feelings of being lost in life are very common now,” Balvin shared. “I myself have experienced them, and I’ve learned that through meditation, movement, and connection it is possible to feel better and become creative again. OYE is an app that elevates people’s well-being, allowing them to be present, tap into their emotional and mental superpowers, and follow their light.”
When translated from Spanish to English, OYE takes on the meaning “listen,” which rests at the core of the team’s goals for the app. More information can be found on the official OYE website.
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September 23, 2022 at 9:33 pm
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