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At Pfizer, ergonomic injuries continue to be the leading injury type in manufacturing and R&D. To improve our lost-time and total injury and illness rates, we have been focused on improving and prioritizing education efforts.
In particular, we aim to: 
Notable actions we are taking to ensure occupational safety include:
Since our colleagues are our greatest asset, at Pfizer we implement many programs to help ensure their safety and well being, reducing the likelihood of injury. One such program is called “Injury Free”. 
Injury Free can be described as a journey where the destination is a Pfizer where all Colleagues and Contractors take appropriate action to eliminate incidents and injuries.
Our guiding principles along this journey are: 
There are lots of different routes which can be taken along the journey and our facilities implement various different local initiatives to reach our goal of “Injury Free”. 
Notable actions we are taking to create an Injury Free Pfizer include:
Our sales representatives spend significant amounts of time driving and are at risk of being involved in road traffic incidents.  
In particular, we aim to:
Notable actions we are taking to safeguard our sales colleagues and those that share the roads with them include:
Occupational Health
For our colleagues to be their best, we must also be committed to their health and wellness. As such, an integral part of our business is colleague wellness and prevention. Our corporate wellness program, Healthy Pfizer, provides tools and resources for colleagues to stay healthy or make measurable health improvements. The program continuously yields healthy results for colleagues, family members, Pfizer and its shareholders. 
In particular, we aim to: 
Live the principles we promote as a company, and to set a new standard of employer-sponsored health improvement in today’s work environment. 
Improve the health of our employees and their families – reducing health risks, identifying chronic conditions in early stages when treatment is more effective, and encouraging healthy behaviors (such as physical activity and good nutrition). 
Make wellness and prevention a part of our overall culture at Pfizer – a “culture of health” – that is adopted company-wide as a core value for our organization and affects our ability to attract and retain the employees who are so important to our success. 
Support our business – directly, by reducing health care costs, and indirectly, by decreasing presenteeism (coming to work when sick) and improving productivity. 
Develop programs to support the health of all Pfizer colleagues, such as Healthy Pfizer Living, a global Employee Assistance Program, and cancer support programs. 
Notable actions we’re taking to meet our Occupational Health goals include:
Creating a work environment that supports colleague health, including healthy cafeteria offerings and on-site physical therapy and fitness centers. Fifteen of our sites feature an acute-care clinic staffed by an advanced medical practitioner. 
Maintaining the Healthy Pfizer web portal, the primary, day-to-day online resource for all health and wellness tools. Programming such as health risk assessments, lifestyle modification coaching programs online or over the phone, onsite screenings and education opportunities along with incentive and rewards for engagement. 
Providing colleagues with a Tobacco Free Workplace Policy that includes smoke-free campuses, and support programs for smoking cessation. 
Providing colleagues with work-life resources such as our “Working in Harmony with Life” and Healthy Pfizer’s “Stress Lifestyle Improvement” and “Life Management Resources” programs. 
Supporting programs with valuable HR benefits that include a 100% reimbursement for preventative care – smoking cessation aids, health screenings, vaccines and immunizations. 
Performance Metrics
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