Could you live in a 75-square-foot apartment? Viral TikTok shows off 'smallest apartment' in New York – USA TODAY

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Could you live in a 75-square-foot apartment with no bathroom in New York City? AJ Webber, a musician who just moved to the Big Apple, does, and a video he shared on TikTok offering an inside look at his tiny home has been viewed nearly 24 million times by users marveling at how he manages to live in such a tight space. 
“Here is what it’s like living in the smallest apartment in New York,” Webber said in his now-viral TikTok video. “Whatever your expectations are, lower them.”
His West Village apartment contains a loft bed and another bed Webber refers to as his “living quarters,” a sink and one shelf for food with another one to store his “one bowl and one plate.” Webber also managed to squeeze in a piano and lava lamp in the corner of his apartment. 
Despite the tight space, Webber has everything he needs in just 75 square feet– except a bathroom. 
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“Did you not see the window,” Webber jokingly replied to one user who asked where his bathroom was. 
He shared that the building has a community restroom where toilet paper is not included.
Many TikTok users compared Webber’s apartment to a “dorm room or jail cell.”
Some viewers commented that the undisclosed amount of rent Webber is paying is most likely too much for the small space. The New York Post estimated Webber pays $1,600 for his apartment. 
When asked by ABC News if he dreams of something nicer one day, Webber responded “I dream of a stove one day.”
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