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The Spa Space at Clinique La Prairie
Named the most exclusive health and wellness destination in the world, Clinique La Prairie has been serving up science-backed, holistic solutions since 1931 — that’s a whopping 53 years ahead of Lanserhof. Located in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland, the otherworldly-looking institute is more than just the originator of the medical spa concept with unique touches that go beyond just medical excellence.
With its hefty price tag (the Clinique’s most sought-after Revitalization Premium Program starts at a cool US $45,000, with bespoke programs costing upwards of six figures), one might be mistaken to think Clinique La Prairie is all about scenic surroundings and fluffy pampering designed for those with more money than sense.
There is no debate that the stunning view of the Alps and Lake Geneva never gets old, and some treatments can be incredibly enjoyable, but the philosophy of the Clinique’s four foundational pillars of medical care, wellness, nutrition, and movement goes far beyond inducing comfort for its guests.
Clinique La Prairie’s main resident building
Medical expertise and advanced technology employed at the Clinique is imperative in assisting to identify the correct preventative measures targeting a variety of ailments, but equally as crucial is the all-round experience that comprises many different factors outside of all things medical. Think of a great establishment as comparable to a well-oiled machine, then Clinique La Prairie is undoubtedly a few levels above, like an exquisite timepiece operating on Swiss precision.
The clientele is polished – private, respectfully understated despite the undeniable wealth and glamour. The staff are warmly welcoming yet discreet – you can never make out what your fellow resident is discussing with the nutritionist or spa personnel. Expect to be greeted by name by Clinique employees you don’t recall ever meeting, and don’t be surprised that they seem to all know your daily schedule better than you. After the initial day of medical assessment, guests will receive each evening their tailor-made programs for the next day, with schedules of further tests and treatments determined by the specialist team following evaluation of each individual guest’s progress on a daily basis. An app specific to the Clinique can be downloaded to facilitate appointment tracking, as the day is jam-packed with activities with often only 15 minutes’ break between sessions. This is definitely not your average spa trip.
A picturesque scene out of the storybook, Clinique La Prairie offers more than just medical … [+] excellence
The restaurant at the Clinique has undergone a major transformation, offering edible art pieces rivaling Michelin star restaurants. With a focus on mainly vegan food (animal protein options are available towards end of the program), the creative menu includes seasonal and regional delicacies – think fresh spring asparagus, grilled silk tofu steak, and rich celeriac soup. Certain medical spas are notorious for starving residents by offering fermented miso soup followed by micro greens, not Clinique La Prairie. The portion is decent, and you even get to end each meal with a natural, healthy dessert.
A pioneer in longevity, Clinique La Prairie is considered a leading institute specializing in preventative medicine. With an established international reputation as a world-renowned medical clinic and wellness destination, the Clinique opted to stay outside of the mainstream and adopts a cautious attitude towards expansion, despite the massive demand. The Clinique encourages informed guests who are serious about embarking on a new journey in health, and certainly is not a place to visit for those after a fad or what’s currently trendy.
The small scale (currently the Clinique offers 38 luxury rooms and suites) helps maintaining the quality of service delivered, but also ensuring the in-depth understanding of each guest’s medical condition, which takes time and patience. A team of some 50 medical specialists assure exceptional diagnostic precision and support, all equipped with the latest technology. The wellbeing experts help restore internal balance as well as remedy a wide range of conditions caused by thrown-off hormones, internal inflammation and stress build-up. Aside from treatments, you will benefit from knowledge on how to live a healthier life in general (think private educational session on nutrition, or learning how to breathe your way to better quality sleep).
Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie
Perhaps it should come at no surprise that the Clinique welcomes satisfied returning guests year after year. Simone Gibertoni, the Clinique’s CEO, is an expert on holistic health himself. Gibertoni takes an hour every morning from his busy schedule to meditate, journal, and exercise, and looks a vision combining immaculate Italian style with a flare of Swiss sophistication. Driving the brand’s international development and diversification strategy, Gibertoni is confident in what the Clinique has to offer: “At Clinique La Prairie, our mission is to provide our guests with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing utilizing our carefully packaged programs where we slow time, capture energy and preserve the youth of our guests during their stay.”
When asked what differentiates the Clinique from other competitors in the market, Gibertoni doesn’t hesitate. “It’s the people,” the CEO elaborates: “Upon arrival of each guest, our experts are matched up with the guests and offer them professional advice and treatments daily — an important aspect to ensure our clients are provided with careful care and noticeable results. We have been dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier and better lives for over 90 years and we are proud to welcome guests to the highly stimulating environment of the Swiss Riviera, surrounded by the very best of nature.”
Clinique La Prairie is located in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland. Visit the Clinique’s website for enquiries and bookings.


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