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With the COVID-19 pandemic, wellness has been given an increasing amount of attention, and rightly so. Ensuring our own health and wellness not only benefits us in the present but paves the way for a healthy tomorrow. That being said, wellness is a broad term, and for an individual to truly flourish, it’s important to give undivided attention to all the components of wellness.
By focusing on all the components of wellness and striving to find a personal harmony with them that works for you, you will be able to change your life around. Remember, achieving a state of wellness is all about active awareness and commitment. So, refine your wellness plan today with the information in this post!
When we hear the term wellness, we often think of physical health and fitness. But that is just one aspect of wellness, which is actually an integration of your physical, mental and spiritual being. More than nutrition, exercise and weight management, wellness is a complex interaction of dimensions that affects your quality of life, with each dimension contributing equally towards the same.
The components of wellness are interrelated with one another, some being more prominent than others at times, but neglecting anyone is bound to have adverse effects on your overall health over time. To reach an optimal state of wellness, understand the different dimensions of wellness, maintain and optimize each in a way that works suitably for you.
Tip: The components of wellness are easy to understand and work on.
This wellness component encompasses healthy behaviors like exercise and nutrition and abstaining from drug use, alcohol abuse, and other harmful habits. Physical wellness also includes being aware of any symptoms your body shows, going for medical check-ups regularly, and keeping yourself safe from injury and harm.
Here’s what you can do to improve physical wellness:
Tip: Work on all components of physical wellness for overall health.
The emotional dimension of wellness is related to the ability to feel and express emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness. Of all the components of wellness, this one fluctuates with the remaining ones. Emotional wellness also means possessing the ability to love and achieve a sense of fulfillment in life. It encompasses self-esteem, self-acceptance, and optimism.
To raise your emotional wellness quotient:
Tip: The emotional component of wellness is as important as the physical component.
This component of wellness refers to one’s ability to interact in the community and live up to the expectations of personal roles. Social wellness is about respecting yourself and others, contributing to the community and building a sense of belonging.
To get better at social wellness, use these tips:
Tip: Making the right choices related to the components of health and wellness will help you thrive in your life.
This dimension of wellness is about possessing guiding beliefs, values, or principles that can give direction to your life. Having faith and hope in your individual beliefs, being willing to seek purpose in existence, and appreciating things that are beyond explanation or understanding are all part of spiritual wellness.
For optimal spiritual wellness, use these suggestions:
Tip: Create your own wellness plan by taking all the components of the wellness wheel into consideration.
The intellectual dimension of wellness encourages creativity. Your mind needs to be inspired and exercised just as your physical body does.
Check out this infographic for tips on increasing intellectual wellness.
Tip: Challenge yourself every day!
Financial wellness is your overall financial health, which directly impacts your quality of life. The end goal might differ from person to person, and also at what stage of life you’re on, but attaining financial wellness is the key to financial security and freedom. It also benefits you with reduced stress, work-life harmony, and better creativity!
Here’s how to achieve financial wellness:
Tip: Start working on your financial security and freedom today for a stress-free tomorrow.
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