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With the healthcare sector seeing exponential growth in recent years, Wunderman Thompson India has launched Wunderman Thompson Health (WT Health) – a specialized practice offering a suite of services that aims to help health and wellness brands “connect more meaningfully with consumers and Health Care Professionals.” The offering will have a multidisciplinary team of 100 plus across creative, medico-legal, compliance & public health; ensuring that technology, creativity & data are drivers of humanizing the healthcare & wellness experience.
“It’s a recognition that our India business has evolved to become a key global healthcare hub,” said Wunderman Thompson Health, Global CEO, Patrick Wisnom.
“Not only serving the needs of local clients, but also working with our international network agencies, to efficiently deliver dynamic omnichannel content to our global clients. This is an important next step in the expansion of our international healthcare network.”
James Hammond, Wunderman Thompson Head of Healthcare, APAC, added, “The launch of Wunderman Thompson Health in India is a major milestone for our healthcare business in this region. We’re very proud of our what our team in India has accomplished in a relatively short period of time. We see this as proof that our unique offering, fusing data, technology, science and creativity is producing real results for our healthcare clients.”
Shamsuddin Jasani, Chief Executive Officer, Wunderman Thompson South Asia said “the healthcare market is poised for exponential growth owing to an unprecedented demand for robust health and wellness solutions.”

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