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Promoting global neurological education and training
London, May 11 2022 —On Friday, July 22, the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is hosting the 9th Annual World Brain Day. WFN is pleased to announce that this year’s theme is Brain Health for All. The all-encompassing theme aims to spark a universal effort that will share crucial information needed to reduce the burden of brain disorders—for everyone.

The primary pillars of this year’s World Brain Day are awareness, prevention, advocacy, education and access.

WFN will use World Brain Day to spread awareness by asking people around the world to promote Brain Health for All through the use of the hashtags #WorldBrainDay, #WBD2022 and #BrainHeathforAll.

The annual World Brain Day takes place on July 22 and is devoted to a different topic each year. The choice of date was no coincidence: WFN was founded on July 22, 1957. Now, in its 65th year of existence, WFN is focusing its 2022 efforts on fighting all brain disorders and bringing recognition to how disabling they can be.
WFN is committed to being a leader in brain health advocacy. In 2021, WFN created the Brain Health Initiative. Building on that momentum by continuing to share the importance of brain health is key to making an impact on a global scale. This year’s message will show the world just how important brain health is for our overall health.
“Last year, as a foundation for global advocacy around brain health, WFN launched the Brain Health Initiative,” said Prof. Grisold. “Now, we look forward to expanding that initiative to a global effort that shares the importance of brain health for all.”
Calling attention to this complex organ will emphasize the importance of the brain and its essential role in controlling every aspect of collective human life. Together, we can achieve Brain Health for All.
With support from its 123 national neurological Member Societies, the World Federation of Neurology fosters quality neurology and brain health worldwide by promoting neurological education and training, emphasizing under-resourced areas of the world.
As a non-state actor in official relations, WFN supports the World Health Organization (WHO) efforts to give everyone an equal chance to live a healthy life.
With member Societies around the globe, WFN unites the world’s neurologists to ensure quality neurology and advocate for people to have better brain health. Learn more about the World Federation of Neurology at
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