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By Danielle Masterson contact
– Last updated on GMT
Related tags: vaginal microbiome, women's health, UTI
O Positiv recently introduced URO, the brand’s latest supplement collection. The non-GMO, vegan and major-allergen free vaginal probiotic called URO VP and urinary tract supplement  called URO UT are intended to support overall vaginal balance and optimize vaginal and urinary tract health.  
Dysbiosis in the vaginal microbiome has been linked to a range of conditions, from UTIs to even preterm birth​. 
UTIs are estimated by the World Health Organization to impact half of women globally, and is the most common bacterial infection in the United States. Currently, antibiotics are the only frontline treatment, despite antibiotics having negative impacts​ on the gut microbiome. Additionally, the FDA has actively advised against the use of several antibiotics for community-acquired UTI, leaving many women with few viable options.
"As someone who is prone to recurrent UTIs, I couldn't be more excited to introduce the world to the URO collection," ​said O Positiv co-founder Brianna Bitton. "There are many disruptive issues that come with the territory of being a woman, which we're often told to ‘deal with,’ and that never sat right with me. O Positiv is here to provide a sense of relief and transparency by creating quality solutions that women can feel confident in consuming and actually see positive differences from.” 
Growing research has found that a key indicator of a healthy vagina is a high number of Lactobacillus bacterial species—predominantly L. crispatus, L. jensenii and L. gasseri.​ A low amount of lactobacilli in the vaginal microbiota is associated with increased risk of infection and disease. 

Vaginal Probiotic Capsules (URO VP) is a proprietary synbiotic (5 billion CFUs) blend with five strains of bacteria found in womens' vaginal tracts to support a more balanced vaginal biome. URO VP helps to maintain healthy pH and yeast levels, while also assisting with digestion and vaginal odor. 
Urinary Tract Capsules (URO UT) is an antibiotic-free solution that leverages clinically-studied Pacran Cranberry Extract, D-Mannose and vitamin C to promote optimal urinary tract health. URO UT's ingredients work to help maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the urinary tract and promote urinary frequency.
"Vaginal health is so important and requires maintenance of the vaginal flora. Vaginal probiotics are helpful when it comes to long-term benefits, in addition to the urinary tract, as they can restore the urogenital flora in individuals and help create better outcomes," ​said O Positiv Medical Advisor and OB/GYN Dr Jessica Shepherd. "The body has pH balances in every area including the vagina and bladder, and in order to optimize the pH in the vagina, probiotics can help with supporting a healthy environment."
The launch comes just a few months after the company announced the debut of MENO, an all-natural, hormone-free capsule formulated to help alleviate common menopause-related symptoms.
Over 1 billion women are expected to experience menopause by 2025, menopause is another sector identified as the next big opportunity in Femtech. 
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Related topics: Brand Innovation, Protection and Microbiome, Active beauty and nutricosmetics, Cosmeceuticals, Nutricosmetics
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