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Georgie Spurling, 28, from Fulham, launched GS Wellness app after defying doctor’s orders not to exercise due to a medical condition that affected her heart
A woman, who was told that she shouldn’t exercise due to a rare medical condition that affected her heart, has revealed that she defied doctor’s orders and now feels stronger than ever.
Georgie Spurling, 28, who lives in Fulham, was born with a condition that causes her heart to beat slower than the average person and therefore she is provided with less oxygen.
She was just four-years-old when she underwent life-changing open heart surgery to redirect her blood flow using a method termed ‘the Fontan Procedure’.
After 12 “tough” years in recovery and forced to do no exercise, Georgie decided to take control of her life by focusing on her wellbeing.
“I come from a family of professional sportsmen, so found it really tough to not be involved in anything, until I hit sixth form and decided I’ve had enough of this and took up dance A Level and it completely transformed how I felt,” Georgie told National World.
“The journey that I’ve been on and the battles that I’ve had to fight to actually be in this industry have taught me how to look after myself more from illness.
“[Now] I’ve never felt so strong and powerful in my entire life, so I can only put that down to looking after my body and mind.”
Georgie, who is now a fitness coach and entreprenuer, started teaching corporate clients how to care for their mental and physical health 10 years ago.
She explained that it was a life-long ambition to help other people with their health and wellbeing.
Georgie added: “It has come full circle – I realised at a young age that I was meant to help people after having spent a lot of time in hospital and being told that I can’t ever exercise…I think that was my sign that I was meant to help people feel strong.”
According to Statistica and Champion Health, 79% people in the UK frequently feel work-related stress and with most people working from home remotely, that stress is brought into their living environment too.
Georgie set up GS Wellness in 2015, an online holistic wellbeing platform, which combines all areas of wellness including fitness, nutrition, mental health and stress management under one roof.
The digital platform offers life coaches and therapists to educate and assist its members as well as 700+ different workouts including pilates or boxing, that focus on reducing stress hormones and getting the best results physically.
Georgie’s main aim is to improve workplace wellbeing and reduce people feeling overwhelmed while increasing their confidence
Georgie said: “Teaching corporate, very highly stressed, time-poor people, [I] realised that they needed a holistic solution as they don’t have the time to gather resources from all different places, they needed a one-stop shop, so this was my aim.
“I always used to say to my clients, it is not about finding an hour to do your workout or meditate for 40 minutes, who has the time to do that? The trick is to find five minutes in your day that you can just do one thing that is self-care.
“It is so important when working from home as it is easy to get home and work life blurred.”
Georgie claims that dealing with personal wellbeing is more important than ever, due to the pace of the digital era and external factors that could affect people’s stress levels.
She continued: “I think it is more important to nourish our mind and our body more than ever…I think we are so disconnected with our mind and bodies, and as much as I love social media, it hasn’t helped anyone.
“Covid really had an impact on everybody whether it’s in your conscious or your subconscious. People struggle with being at home but we have also dealt with a lot of clients who have had anxiety about commuting again or going back into a social situation/an office – a high stress environment.
“I also think the pace we live our lives these days, we are living fight or flight all the time and our bodies suffer from that.”
Statistics show that 95% of illnesses or diseases are caused by stress which affects your energy and concentration levels as well as your confidence.
Alongside GS Wellness, Georgie is calling for employers to employ a holistic approach to prioritise their colleague’s wellbeing as it is “up to them to help this movement,” as well as encouraging everybody to take simple actions for themselves.
“I would say to set boundaries in work and home life and learn how to say no; it is always great to find a friend or find someone in your family to do it with you, if you are starting a wellbeing journey, as it can be very overwhelming.
“Check in with yourself – communication is key. Talk to yourself like you would when you were a little child, be kind to yourself.”
Georgie’s wellness journey has come full circle as the founder is soon heading back to the hospital where she was treated for her medical condition to talk to patients about her experiences.
She is also continuing to implement sound wellbeing programmes in the workplace with a GS Wellness app that can be downloaded now on gsmethod.co.uk.
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Did you know you can manage your profile, and explore all of the available newsletters from NationalWorld within your account.


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