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| Source: Park La Brea Veterinary Care Park La Brea Veterinary Care

Los Angeles, United States, March 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
The recent update comes amid growing demand for high-quality dental treatment for cats and dogs. Services now include cleaning, adjustments, filing, extraction, and general oral health examinations. The practice recommends that dog and cat teeth should be checked at least once a year.
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Much like humans, animals with poor oral health are susceptible to a number of serious complications. Reflecting an increasing awareness among local pet owners, Park La Brea Veterinary Care now provides dental treatments designed to prevent tooth loss, oral pain, bad breath, and internal damage.
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a number of symptoms can indicate that a pet has oral health problems. These can include bad breath, broken or loose teeth, discolored teeth, abnormal chewing, reduced appetite, pain in and around the mouth, or bleeding from the mouth.
Cats and dogs can develop periodontal diseases relatively early in their lives, and the expanded services from the Park La Brea practice are designed to detect and treat such conditions at the earliest possible stage. Oral examinations look for signs of plaque and tartar, particularly below the gumline, which can progress into more serious issues.
With advanced radiological equipment, the center can also carry out more detailed inspections of a pet’s oral health. A range of preventative and corrective treatments now ensure that pets remain in good overall health.
About Park La Brea Veterinary Care
As a full service veterinary care provider, the practice also provides internal medicine, surgery, vaccines, flea control, parasite prevention, bathing and grooming, radiography, and more. Reflecting a commitment to customer service, Park La Brea Veterinary Care also now conducts house calls in Wilshire, Miracle Mille, Fairfax District, West Adams, and surrounding suburbs.
A company representative stated: “Our practice philosophy, simply stated, is to care for your pet as if it was one of our own. Our goal is to keep your pets happy and healthy. We believe in the rational, ethical, and scientific approach to problem-solving and we use the best available clinical evidence from systematic research when making decisions about the care and welfare of your pet.”
Interested parties can learn more by visiting: http://parklabreavets.com
Website: http://parklabreavets.com/


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