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WIC Wellness Works is the statewide worksite wellness program for Texas WIC employees.
Focus areas:
For information about the WIC Wellness Works program please contact Connie Cheng MS, RDN, LDN at Connie.cheng@hhs.texas.gov.
Below are resources for implementing wellness activities in the WIC workplace. Taking care of ourselves helps us take better care of others.
The Relax, Sleep, and Renew challenge will help improve quality and duration of sleep for you and your coworkers. The packet highlights the importance of getting enough quality sleep, which improves all aspects of our lives. You and your coworkers will gain awareness of your current sleep hygiene, practice strategies to relax your mind and body at the end of the day and create a sleep routine and environment that will encourage restful, restorative sleep.
Coordinator Packet (PDF)
Employee Packet (PDF)
Using this tracker, see how many wellness tasks you can check off in a week. Hang it in your clinic to display your accomplishments, and see what your coworkers have done.
Answering the Call to a Healthier You (PDF)
This 30-day challenge consists of simple daily wellness activities – like giving a compliment or scheduling your next doctor’s appointment. Use the clinic calendar to share wellness achievements and gain ideas.
Coordinator Packet (PDF)
Employee Packet (PDF)
Clinic Calendar (PDF)
This challenge invites staff to gather together to select which wellness activities will be the focus for the next 30 days. This challenge is perfect for the New Year but can be used any time!
Clinic Packet – Your Team’s New Year Resolutions! (PDF)
This 4-week challenge starts with exploring what a “healthy meal” means, then moves to experimentation with vegetables and proteins using the variety of recipes provided.
Coordinator Packet (PDF)
Employee Packet (PDF)
Design Your Own Plate Poster (PDF)
This 5-week challenge allows you and your coworkers to ‘plant one seed of happiness’ (practice one positive behavior) each week. Use the Happiness Grows Here board to share experiences with coworkers.
Coordinator Packet (PDF)
Employee Packet (PDF)
Happiness Grows Here! Banner (PDF)
Happiness – 10 Colored Magnets (PDF)
This six-week challenge is filled with activities for every fitness level. Participate individually or with fellow employees to log exercise minutes and earn a weekly bronze, silver, or gold medal for number of minutes logged.
Team Captain Instructions (PDF)
Employee Training Guide (PDF)
WIC Olympic Games Poster (PDF)
Olympic Medallions (PDF)
Learn tips to balance all of the stresses that come with the holidays, including how to continue to give and receive kindness during this special time.
Coordinator Packet (PDF)
Employee Packet (PDF)
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