WHO supports quality certification for Health and Wellness Centres in Chhattisgarh – World Health Organization

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WHO is committed to providing technical assistance to states for improving the quality of care and ensuring patient safety. Taking cognizance of the importance of ensuring quality in health care delivery, Chhattisgarh has adopted a multipronged approach that includes strengthening services, such as providing adequate human resources, functional infrastructure, uninterrupted supply of essential drugs and devices, etc.  

A WHO-supported workshop on achieving NQAS quality certification for health facilities in Chhattisgarh was attended by senior government officials, technical experts, health workforce and programme managers. Photo:  Mr Narendra Sinha / © WHO India
The Government of India has developed National Quality Assurance Standards (NQAS) based on specific requirements for public health facilities and global best practices. NQAS are currently available for District Hospitals, Community Health Centres, Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Urban PHCs, and Health and Wellness Centres-Sub Centre (HWC-SC).
The Chhattisgarh state government has identified 162 public health facilities (76 HWC-SHC, 56 -HWC-PHC and 30 Urban HWC-PHC) have been identified for NQAS certification and has made concerted efforts at all levels to achieve this ambitious target.
On the invitation of the National Health Mission (NHM) Chhattisgarh, the Health Systems Team at WHO India is providing technical assistance to these identified facilities to achieve NQAS certification. A four-day workshop from – 22-25 August 2022 addressed the challenges and bottlenecks faced by the health workforce and programme managers in applying for NQAS certification. The issues ranged from documentation to standard operating practices, work instructions, employee and patient satisfaction surveys, capacity building, utilization of funds and managerial issues, including human resources.

Mr Bhoskar Vilas Sandipan, Mission Director, NHM, Chhattisgarh, and Dr Surendra Pambhoi, Joint Director, NHM, were among the senior state officials who attended the workshop. Photo:  Mr Narendra Sinha / © WHO India
In his opening remarks, Mr Bhoskar Vilas Sandipan, Mission Director, NHM Chhattisgarh, emphasized the importance of quality of health care. He thanked the Community Health Officers (CHOs)for delivering preventive, promotive and curative healthcare to the community and noted that providing quality care was both a huge opportunity and an immense responsibility. He committed to providing allnecessary support to improve the quality of care at the selected HWCs.


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