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Though we’re still in December, we’re mentally preparing for all of the “new year, new me” adages, high demand for any fitness item under the sun and a regimented meal planner or diet plan that, yes, you’ll actually stick to.
We’ve heard it all and, while we recognize fitness looks different for everyone, it’s important to abide by a regimen that works for you. Because, let’s face it — if you go from working out once a week to six (or, go from evening ice cream sundaes to kale smoothies every morning), you may experience burnout and frustration.
Enter Noom, the app-based health platform that uses a combination of psychology, human coaching and technology to empower users to take control of their health. What’s more, users who hit their goal weight in November took a collective 3.6 billion steps while using Noom.
Landing in the App Store’s Top 100 Health & Fitness apps, Noom is one to add to your to-download queue.
Plus, Noom recently launched Noom Mood, a division of its brand that aids in breaking anxious thoughts and shifting your mindset. It’s safe to say Noom is focused on your entire wellbeing, may we add.
“Noom is a digital health platform on a mission to help people everywhere live
healthier lives through behavior change,” Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Chief of Psychology at Noom, told the Post. “Fueled by a powerful combination of technology, human coaches, and psychology, Noom empowers people to achieve proven health outcomes — from weight management to stress reduction.”
“Noom’s behavior change platform is powered by psychology to help people
achieve their wellness goals,” Dr. Michaelides said. “When someone joins Noom, they get access to Noom’s dynamic health curriculum and human coaching.”
What’s more, Noom’s curriculum breaks down complex health and wellness concepts into “easily-digestible tips people can incorporate into their daily lives,” Dr. Michaelides adds. Noom’s one-on-one health coaches help its users (a.k.a. Noomers) achieve their wellness goals, too.
If you’re worried that you won’t have time to stick to Noom’s recommendations — think again. Noom is designed to fit into people’s busy schedules, with about a 10-minute daily commitment to improve your holistic health and wellness game.
As mentioned, no two health journeys look alike. With this in mind, Noom offers a range of plans depending on your needs and personal health goals.
The monthly auto-renewing plan is $60, with other plans offered from two to eight-month renewals. Noom also has an annual auto-renewing plan for $199. To find the appropriate plan for you and your budget, check out the subscription pricing page.
“Noom Weight is a weight management program that leverages science and psychology to help you build and maintain new habits that result in sustainable weight loss,” Dr. Michaelides adds. “We help Noomers better understand their relationship with food, how to be more mindful of their habits, and give them the knowledge and support they need for positive outcomes.”
“At Noom, we focus intensely on psychology and a person’s hollistic health when addressing weight,” Dr. Michaelides explains. “We understand that addressing weight means focusing on many areas of life, like relationships, work, or stress (to name a few).”
Not to mention, “many Noomers walk away from Noom Weight with the tools and confidence to address various areas of life (not only weight),” he adds. So, Noom understands that the mind and body are deeply connected, with the platform helping its users understand this connection on a personal level so they can make real changes in their lives.
Dr. Michaelides highlighted a few key features unique to Noom:
“Although Noom Weight is designed to help people lose weight, our team and
Noomers alike would tell you that it’s about much more than the weight loss itself,” Dr. Michaelides concludes. “We are helping people build healthy habits that contribute to a host of benefits, including getting off of medications, gaining self-confidence, sleeping better, experiencing less stress — the list goes on.”
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