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by Divyana Bose
In the city of West Chester, Ohio, a tea and protein shake shop named the REvolution Nutrition Club opened its doors in January 2018. From fruity and refreshing teas to smooth and rich shakes, each drink is made with the intention of improving health.
REvolution Nutrition Club has over 40 shakes on their menu that are not only high in protein but are also low in carbs, sugar, and calories! Flavors like the Brownie Madness, Snickers, and Cake Batter keep REvolution Nutrition’s customers coming back time and time again. In addition to the nutritious shakes, the shop also carries high energy teas that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and Guarana, which improves mental concentration. Some of the most popular tea flavors include The Blue Lagoon and the Kingsgate Punch.
REvolution owner, Kiera Abrego, customizes each one of the shakes and teas she serves her customers according to their nutritional needs and goals. Each REvolution product uses nutrition to improve both the fitness level and overall health of each customer.
“My personal goal this year is to serve as many teas and shakes as possible as breakfast and lunch meal replacements,” Abrego said. “I also strive to make this business just a great atmosphere that is safe, fun, and inviting.”
The REvolution Nutrition Club gains most of its “first-time” customers through social media as Abrego believes it is the best way to market what the club has to offer. The community has also greatly contributed to REvolution’s growth in sales according to Abrego.
“Advertising comes from community interactions and communication,” Abrego said. “It is not only the social media factor but the positive word of mouth that gets around about my small business.”
To reward REvolution Nutrition Club’s loyal customers, Abrego developed a customer referral program in order to spread the word about the products her club has to offer and to give back to those who have supported the products the club serves. If a customer promotes REvolution through social media or refers someone to try out the club, that customer receives a free tea or shake! 
“The community itself passes on invitations and referrals as we utilize social media to the best of our ability,” Abrego said. “The program consists of coupons to come in and try our products and try new and improved healthy drinks.”
REvolution continues to progress as a small business, but (like many businesses during COVID-19) did experience some struggles. Luckily Abrego had such a loyal customer base that her nutrition club was able to make it through tough times, bouncing back successfully!
“The largest impact on REvolution was that we were not able to be the bright and shiny part of someone’s day like we normally were,” Abrego said. “Relationships that we continued to build throughout the community had to be put on hold during this time and it was extremely difficult.” 
REvolution rose above the COVID-19 challenges and continues to grow as a business to this day! Abrego said new and improved drinks are constantly being made every month due to the influx of new customers this year. 
“We do monthly features that normally take place around the holidays or special events,” Abrego said. “The drink features typically end up becoming a fan favorite and bring in even more customers!”
A personal preference of mine is the Blue Lagoon, the blue raspberry blend and standout color are just too hard to resist. Not to mention the energy boost I get in the day from just a few sips of this is amazing. Along with the blue lagoon, the Kingsgate punch is a close second with the bright red flavorful tea punching my palette with cherry and fruit punch all in one. In my eyes, these teas are perfect for a Summer refreshment and a perfect pick-me-up.
Five to ten years from now and with these never-ending flavors, Abrego plans to keep her business running and make her customers content. Her hopes are for her business to grow and expand not only in the social media market but through the community as well.
“My goal is to be within the basis of one-hundred healthy and nutritious breakfast shakes with every breakfast and lunch meal replacement,” Abrego said. “We thrive off of person-to-person marketing and my desire is for my business to continue being the inviting and fun atmosphere for all.”
Hoping for a bright future ahead, Abrego’s past with bringing about the business has not been the easiest especially due to COVID-19. She started the business in 2018 and took ownership of the business through her personal wellness coach and over time lost a substantial amount of weight, meeting her weight loss goal. 
“I decided to take on the Herbalife business full time because I instantly fell in love with the products and results,” Abrego said. “My husband was the confirmer as well when he fell in love with the shakes we offer and I knew I had to be a part of this.” 
“We are truly a REVolution with these beverages that make staying healthy and sustaining energy possible,” Abrego said. “Our drinks can hopefully branch out to every community and  will bring in more customers to try them.”
Abrego recommends for first-timers the Special Tea category from the REVolution menu since it has the most subtle energy level out of the three energy categories. The Tropical lemonade though in the Boosted category is her personal favorite with blends of strawberry and lemonade coming together with a little more energy added to it. Out of the shakedown category though, Abrego recommends the Cinnamon Toast crunch blend with 24 grams of plant-based protein, only two-hundred and thirty calories, and thirteen grams of net carbs. Not to mention, there are only nine grams of sugar in every shake! There are four separate categories in the “Shake down” category itself such as the Chocolate Sensations for the chocolate lovers, Sweet Tooth, Fan favorites, and Fruity Licious.
Along with the luscious flavors, the name REVolution says it all. Abrego said that these products truly stand out and benefit health or weight loss goals, which is where the name stemmed from. 
    Contact Info: 
Email: revolutionnutrition45069@gmail.com
Hours: 8 AM- 2 PM
Address: 7324 Kingsgate Way, West Chester, OH 45069

Award-winning sportswriter, Divyana Bose, has a passion for Journalism like no other as she often writes until her hand cramps! Divyana has made it her mission to make her high school newspaper, The Mason Chronicle, better each and every year through her writing abilities and by mentoring those that look up to her on the Mason Chronicle team! She has aspirations of making the world a better place through her writing and has begun doing so by offering her journalistic abilities to The Little Helpers, a non-profit organization that strives to better the lives of those living within the greater Cincinnati area. Divyana has a talent for making news stories come to life by using her bubbly, innovative, and outgoing personality through her writing. Divyana is a Junior at Mason High School and wants nothing more than to pursue Journalism in college.

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