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Wellness+Connections on Coastal Highway announced its official opening Jan. 27.
A first in the burgeoning wellness economy, Wellness+Connections takes the approach of blending nutrition, fitness and community to strengthen natural immunity in a more immersive client experience.
Wellness+Connections was founded by Melissa and David Harrison, who also own JuiceFresh, which operated on Rehoboth Avenue starting in 2013.
Offering the area’s only organic juice and organic, plant-based, gluten-free foods bar, the spa club will also include Pilates and barre classes, professionally assisted stretching, an infrared sauna, acupuncture treatments and a medically supervised intravenous vitamin infusion center, opening soon.
“The concept is based on harnessing the power of healthy inputs to accelerate a positive feedback loop for faster and more sustainable results. Wellness+Connections is not about denying yourself. It’s about treating yourself to awesome inputs like fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and experiencing positive results within days,” said David Harrison, co-founder.
“We’ve been providing the best in raw, organic nutrition to our clients for years. We ship our 3-Day Juice Cleanse to 21 states and have a reputation for the highest-quality, non-hpp [high pressure processing], organic juice in the market,” Melissa said. “W+C brings that same high-quality product and experience to our clients who want to feel their best in an enjoyable way.” 
Visitors enter a wellness boutique developed through years of planning, featuring solutions from clean air and clean water to doctors-only supplements and organic body care. Centered around the Connections Counter, plus a private members’ lounge, the setting allows for a more harmonious solution to people’s post-exercise cool-down.
“You can enjoy a nutritious organic juice and superfood hemp power bar made right here in our own organic kitchen. Why run out for a caffeinated sugar fix after your fitness class when you could be relaxing in our oasis of natural health?” Melissa Harrison said.
The address is 18388 Coastal Highway, Suite 10, Lewes.
Customers may sign up to receive a free juice during their first visit by going to WellnessConnections.net.
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