Wellness Wednesday: STEM goes Red for Idaho – Idaho News 6 Boise Twin Falls

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Go Red for Idaho — that’s the latest STEM initiative with the American Heart Association to empower young women to take control of their health.
Go Red for Idaho Chairwoman Laura Wilder said women make up half the workforce, yet only 25% are involved in STEM jobs. Wilder said the best way to grow those numbers is more education.
“We are holding this STEM event seminar, so young women can learn about potential careers in these fields that are good jobs for them and good jobs that help society and health fields as well,” Wilder said.
The event is digital on Nov. 4 and will be broadcast to schools and other groups that register. A panel of women will talk about their careers and how to get involved as well as discuss healthy living and how to take care of their future.
“Lots of times I think women aren’t aware of career opportunities and how to get involved in them,” Wilder said. “Hearing from other women that have taken that path is a good way to really share that knowledge and information.”
More information on the event and how to register is available online.


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