Wellness Wednesday: Beat the Summertime Heat – Idaho News 6 Boise Twin Falls

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Ready to beat the heat? We are, too! Here’s what Dr. Daniel Meltzer, Regence, Executive Medical Director recommends for staying “heat-safe.”
Lately, across southern & southwest Idaho, we’re hitting days with 100-degree-plus heat a year which makes it more important to take extra precautions to protect ourselves from overheating.
Dr. Meltzer says when the heat affects us, we can get:
He says if we think a loved one is experiencing a heat stroke, we should move them to a cool place/call 911.
Now, Dr. Meltzer does say there are those who are at heightened risk of harm from overheating which include:
Here’s what he recommends we all do to lessen our chances of developing heat-related illnesses:
Dr. Meltzer suggests these other resources listed below to learn more about heat-related illnesses:


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