Wellness Pioneer Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN and Bone Health Expert Susan Brown, PhD, CNS, Launch Book, "Natural Bone Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Healthy Bone, Joints and Muscles." – Yahoo Finance

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– Quantitative three-pronged program to improve bone and total body health –
ASHBURN, Va., Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Osteoporosis is a complex and multifactorial disorder that is growing in prevalence. More than half of Medicare-aged women and more than a fifth of comparable age men have one or more osteoporotic fractures confirmed during their lifetime. Recovery from large bone fractures is slow and leads to a more sedentary and less engaged life with greater morbidity and accelerated mortality.
“Natural Bone Health: A Practitioner’s Guide to Healthy Bone, Joints and Muscles” is now available for purchase.
Thought-leading scientist and integrative healthcare pioneer, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, and natural bone health expert Susan Brown, PhD, CNS, with contributors Jayashree Mani, MS, CCN and Marcy Jaffe, MPA, MBA, explore the components of bone health – from submolecular to macromolecular – and offer a quantitative approach to epigenetic factors, providing simple clinically-useful integrative tests and a targeted action plan that includes diet, hydration, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations that will protect bone, joint and muscle health as we age.
The book covers an “Alkaline Way” approach to bone and body health consisting of:
Measuring and Correcting Net Acid Excess
Measuring and Reducing Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
Evaluating Neurohormone Status
Dr. Brown notes, “While the average woman loses roughly 45% of her bone density between the ages of 35 and 85, we see clients stabilize bone mass quickly, with bone mass gains over the longer term being more the rule than the exception. Those who diligently work through the steps of our program put control back into their control systems, gain bone strength, and reduce fracture risk.”
Natural Bone Health: A Practitioner’s Guide to Healthy Bone, Joints and Muscles is now available for purchase on Amazon.com and at https://www.perqueintegrativehealth.com/natural-bone-health-a-practitioners-guide-to-healthy-bone-joints-and-muscles/
About the Authors
Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN, is an internist and immunologist. He is board-certified in clinical pathology, with subspecialty board certification in chemical pathology. Russ is a Fellow of the following medical societies: ASCP, ACAAI, ACN, ASIP, and FRSM. Dr. Jaffe helped advance several adjunctive healthcare approaches including medical acupuncture (TCM), certified clinical nutrition (CCN), health coaching, and predictive biomarkers. Enabling primary, proactive prevention in clinical practice is part of Dr. Jaffe’s mission to speed the transition from sick care to healthful caring in policy, practice and research. With over 100 peer reviewed publications, invited chapters, and books, Dr. Jaffe speaks at continuing professional education conferences and in technology innovation forums. Dr. Jaffe is director of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies (Sterling, VA), PERQUE (Ashburn, VA), RMJ Holdings (Vienna, VA) and serves as a founding Fellow of the Health Studies Collegium. He works and lives in Virginia.
Susan E. Brown, Ph.D., CNS, is a medical anthropologist and certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). She directs the Better Bones Foundation and Center for Better Bones in East Syracuse, NY. Dr. Brown conducts primary research, and lectures widely on osteoporosis, teaching her natural Better Bones, Better Body Program for the regeneration of bone health. Dr. Brown’s publications include The Acid Alkaline Food Guide (Square One Publishers 2006, 2013) Better Bones, Better Body: Beyond Estrogen and Calcium: A Comprehensive Self-Help Program for Preventing, Halting & Overcoming Osteoporosis (New Canaan: Keats, 1996, 2000); The Mend Clinic Book of Natural Remedies for Menopause and Beyond (Dell, 1997), co-authored with Dr. Paula Maas. Information on Dr. Brown’s works can be found at www.betterbones.com. Susan works and lives in East Syracuse, New York.
Jayashree Mani MS, CCN is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist  and has focused on diabetes, weight management, integrative nutrition and lifestyle management. She has been providing nutritional counseling and education to patients in various medical settings for more than 20 years. With her expertise in the field of autoimmunity, she has also co-authored chapters and articles in key reference books and scientific journals and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist supervisor. Jayashree is also involved in product formulation and actively educating practitioners and helping patients achieve lifetime wellness. Jayashree works and lives in northern Virginia.
Marcy Jaffe, MPA, MBA, serves as a health advocate with Thinking of  You since 1997: http://www.vitamins-today.com. She successfully achieves improved bone health outcomes one client at a time, through increasing magnesium reserves and recommending the Alkaline Way Lifestyle. Marcy successfully completed the PIH Academy Course 1 Certification in 2019. Marcy works and lives in small towns of western Washington and southern Arizona.
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SOURCE PERQUE Integrative Health
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