Wellness Innovators Behind Alastin Skincare Emphasize Cortisol Management as Critical Path for Strength, Recovery, Virility and Performance Enhancement with Rebalance Health, Inc. – PRNewswire

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Rebalance Health Addresses the Biological Impact of Stress, Balancing Cortisol Levels to Maximize Natural Production of Testosterone & Human Growth Hormone in Men & Women
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Feb 09, 2022, 05:57 ET
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BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Justin Hai and Scott Glenn, the entrepreneurial tandem that successfully developed and built Alastin into one of the skincare industry’s most innovative and successful brands, are embarking on a new venture focused on cortisol, through a new company Rebalance Health, Inc. Central to the venture is Rebalance™, a "SuperceuticalTM" system designed to optimize cortisol levels and maximize the body’s natural production of key wellness hormones critical to performance, including testosterone and human growth hormone (hGH) among others.
Rebalance Health, Inc. comprises a strategically curated team of experts in conventional and naturopathic medicine that have developed a simple, yet highly sophisticated, system based on organic ingredients. The Rebalance System™ collectively addresses the negative impact of stress and hormonal imbalances on the body’s natural ability to produce critical strength, vitality and virility hormones, and optimizes human performance at every stage of the aging process.
"Optimizing cortisol levels is essential to the foundational body systems that make us feel unstoppable when they’re working correctly, and lousy when they’re not," said Hai, president & CEO, Rebalance Health, Inc. "The Rebalance System supports balanced cortisol levels throughout the day and revitalized sleep at night to dramatically enhance performance, recovery, mental focus and libido in both men and women."
At the core of Rebalance is its proprietary Directline™, a lozenge-based delivery methodology that increases the bioavailability of Rebalance Superceuticals significantly over and above that of traditional supplements.
Industry projections see the testosterone and hGH-oriented supplement industries reaching a combined $4.8 billion in overall revenue by 2025. Hai and Glenn are banking on the reality that cortisol and hormonal imbalances have been largely ignored and under-served by the health and wellness industry to date, despite being central and core to diminished production of testosterone and hGH once we hit our 30s and continue to age.
"The brands and products focused on testosterone or hGH supplementation are merely addressing specific symptoms like strength gains or libido enhancement, when in reality, optimizing cortisol levels goes beyond the symptoms and addresses the actual source of our diminishing production of these critical hormones as we age," said Glenn, chairman, Rebalance Health, Inc. "The other issue is that women are being largely ignored, when in reality, maximized production of testosterone and hGH and their impact on strength, recovery and vitality are absolutely essential to overall health and performance for females, just as they are for men."
Rebalance Health’s products are available for pre-order and officially launching in March. Consumers looking for more information on the product and how to pre-order can visit www.rebalancehealth.com.
As is critical to any successful venture, the Rebalance Health team, comprises a variety of category experts in specific areas of traditional and natural medicine:
In addition to Hai and Glenn acting as the co-founders and core leadership team, Rebalance Health is backed by a Board of Directors that represent some of the most respected experts and entrepreneurs from the health, wellness, and fitness industries:
"With Alastin, we were able to assess (an unmet need in) the market post-surgery recovery time while enhancing the quality of the results of and anti-aging in a superior manner, and our research and instincts proved correct. Alastin created a whole new category in beauty," said Hai. "We are doing the exact same thing now with Rebalance in addressing a weakness in the wellness and optimum health market with superior products that tackle the universal age-oriented issues we all face."
For more information on Rebalance Health’s products, please visit www.RebalanceHealth.com or check out their Instagram and Facebook channels.
Rebalance Health, Inc. is an optimal health and performance company reinventing how and why we take supplements, aka nutraceuticals. Rebalance Superceuticals™ are their evolutionary proprietary biotechnology, providing greater delivery of natural ingredients that optimize performance by balancing cortisol levels in the body, creating a positive cascading effect on hormones. Rebalance Health aids in optimizing health and performance by rebalancing cortisol – sometimes called the "stress hormone" – testosterone and human growth hormone levels in the body, helping to improve everything from strength to body fat composition to focus, sleep and libido. Led by an esteemed team of medical experts and knowledgeable board members in health & wellness categories and utilizing its proprietary and innovative biotechnological Subperceptual, Rebalance Health is well equipped to empower people to reach their full and complete potential as a human being.
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