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Wellness Council of America and Archetype praise Koa Health for setting the standard of what innovation, impact, growth and leadership in workplace wellbeing
The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and Archetype Solutions Group today announced Koa Health as a 2022 Well-Being Trailblazer Award recipient for its innovations in digital mental health solutions for employers and health plans.
The Well-Being Trailblazer Awards highlight the tech-enabled health and wellness vendors that bring exciting solutions to workplace well-being and positively impact employees’ ability to lead healthy, resilient, and fulfilling lives. Well-Being Trailblazers excel in measurable impact, innovative vision, market leadership, and achievement and growth.
“We are honored and thrilled to be named as a leader in workplace wellbeing by WELCOA and Archetype. This achievement validates the growing global need for scalable mental health solutions and our call-to-action for organizations everywhere to build a culture where it’s ok to talk about mental health challenges and employees can easily get the support they need,” said Jennifer Gendron, Chief Commercial Officer at Koa Health. “The Well-Being Trailblazer award has reignited our commitment to providing highly accessible, easy-to-use, effective solutions to help people manage difficult emotions and symptoms of burnout, build resilience and perform their best at work and beyond.”
The company’s flagship product Koa Foundations targets the large portion of employees that fall within the “missing middle,”—those who need clinically-sound tools and support, but might not require or will never seek face-to-face care, reducing the friction with a digital approach and delivering expert-backed, personalized, evidence-based mental health programs. Ranked as the number one mental wellbeing app by expert mental health reviewers ORCHA and OneMind’s Psyberguide and boasting top user ratings across app stores, Koa Health’s solutions also received accolades for their industry-leading ethical framework, proven outcomes(1), built-in support to help managers and teams have conversations around mental health, identify symptoms of mental health challenges and how to direct employees to available resources.
The Well-being Trailblazer award ceremony will take place on August 30th at WELCOA’s annual summit at the Fairmont Millenium Park in Chicago.
Learn more about how Koa Health is helping organizations around the world improve mental health for their employees. Visit http://www.koahealth.com or follow us at @KoaHealth on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.
About Koa Health
Koa Health is the leading global provider offering evidence-based, personalized, integrated solutions and services that deliver mental health for everyone. Available to more than 3 million users worldwide, Koa Health addresses a vast spectrum of mental health needs – from improving wellbeing to supporting treatment for the most prolific disorders. Backed by investors such as Telefónica, a consortium advised by Ancora Finance Group, Wellington Partners Life Sciences, and MTIP, Koa Health leverages deep clinical expertise, research, and technology to deliver effective and accessible care that adapts to users’ unique circumstances, leading to lasting behavior change and positive health outcomes. Koa Health partners with employers, health plans, health systems, and providers around the world with its headquarters in the Netherlands and operations in Boston, London, and Barcelona.
The Wellness Council of America is one of the nation's most respected resources for building high-performing, healthy workplaces. With a 30-year history, more than 4,000 corporate members, and 30,000 additional members and subscribers, WELCOA has an impeccable reputation for helping business and health professionals improve employee well-being and create healthier organizational cultures.
About Archetype
Archetype is a consulting and investment firm that aspires to make work better for 50 million people. Through a unique co-innovation approach, we engage a vibrant ecosystem of clients, advisors, investors, and colleagues to help every person in the workplace thrive and enable sustainable growth for businesses.
(1) Koa Health’s RCTs also showed that after four weeks of using Koa Foundations, participants saw:

Source: https://mhealth.jmir.org/2022/7/e30976
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