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Wellness Coaches, a leading provider of technology-enabled health, wellness, and safety solutions, announced that it has acquired the COVID-19 testing, immunization, biometric testing, and healthcare staffing assets from Impact Health. The agreement includes the sale, transfer, or assignment of all Impact Health client contracts as well as all the personnel, healthcare staffing capabilities, inventory, equipment, and technology to enable Wellness Coaches to operate the business.
The transaction provides access to a network of over 20,000 healthcare professionals nationwide and augments Wellness Coaches’ clinical solutions and healthcare staffing offerings to health plans, health systems, private employers, and our public health partners. Combining these healthcare offerings with its wellness coaching, nutrition services, safety solutions, and patented HealthyWays® software platform positions Wellness Coaches as a leading provider of comprehensive, best-in-class health, wellness, and safety solutions.
“We believe that the future of healthcare is combining high-quality, clinically rigorous health services that are administered by experienced clinicians, wellness coaches, and registered dietitians, with state-of-the-art digital health technology. Our clinical care is supported by our wellness and nutrition providers who design personalized health, safety, and disease management programs to help people get healthy and remain injury free. While our business has continued to evolve, our mission remains the same. We are laser-focused on making healthcare more accessible, effective, and affordable by bringing personalized health solutions to individuals in the workplace, public health settings, and virtually,” said Rob Putnam, CEO of Wellness Coaches. Kristopher Wood, President of Wellness Coaches added, “With this transaction, Wellness Coaches not only adds a robust clinical and staffing infrastructure, but we add very talented employees who have extensive knowledge and experience delivering healthcare solutions at scale.”
As a result of this transaction, Wellness Coaches’ employer, health plan, and government customers will now have access to a broader and more far-reaching suite of healthcare and staffing services from a single provider. Collectively, the transactions Wellness Coaches has completed over the past year signify the continued advancement in its pursuit to provide greater continuity and accessibility of care, enabling individuals to feel more empowered to take better control of their health.
About Wellness Coaches
For over 20 years, Wellness Coaches has been a leading national provider of technology-enabled health, wellness, and safety solutions designed to; deliver high-quality healthcare, increase engagement, produce measurable reductions in health and safety risks, and reduce costs by making care more timely, personalized, affordable, and accessible. Wellness Coaches offers customized solutions across the full continuum of care, from prevention and wellbeing to pre-chronic and chronic disease management to a full range of onsite clinical services. Wellness Coaches’ offerings have evolved to include primary care, healthcare staffing, immunizations, biometric testing, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and other diagnostic services. Wellness Coaches’ database of over 30,000 healthcare staff also permits the Company to rapidly deploy its healthcare staff and services at scale nationally for our private, state, and federal government customers.
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