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SHANGHAI, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wavemaker, a leading global media agency, has introduced their own version of Automation software technology – Intelligence Engine, to its day-to-day operations. Since COVID-19 hit the headlines, Automation has become more commonly used for business continuity across the technology, finance and pharmaceutical industries, while in the media sector, Wavemaker has established itself as one of the earliest adopters of Automation in incorporating digital transformation into work processes. Its implementation primarily aims to free its employees from repetitive, dull but necessary routines, allowing them to focus more on emotionally and intellectually rewarding work that cannot be handled by pre-programmed software.
“We launch Wavemaker Intelligence Engine (WIE), to help our people, our partners, and our clients to release more energy to push our boundaries, to transform the work we do, and the future value we provoke. With the help of our Intelligence Engine, every passionate Wavemaker comes together more often to strengthen our collaboration and provoke ever more innovative solutions for our clients,” says Henry Wang, Wavemaker China Chief Product Officer. “Also, we hope this technology can help future-proof our business and support our goal to achieve better sustainability in human resources and finance functions.” Mr. Wang adds.
To realize this vision via WIE, Wavemaker has identified opportunities and developed corresponding plans. The company has been optimizing its business processes and increasing its overall capability since the technology’s first implementation, as Automation modules can automate repetitive yet basic marketing tasks such as advertisement and campaign monitoring with impressive accuracy, while also being proficient in handling work that require higher levels of coordination such as invoice generation, email communications and processing, etc. By outsourcing these routine procedures to pre-programmed software modules, WIE can sustain its operations 24/7 without interruption, eliminating human error, ultimately ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from an exceptional experience at a pace that is impossible to match manually.
Among its work force, the implementation of WIE has brought Wavemaker its goal of boosting employee dedication and morale. By freeing up more time from repetitive manual labor, WIE enables Wavemaker to channel more individual time and energy to performing creative tasks and generating additional value for both the company as well as its clients – something that is of vital importance for a media agency. The newly released potentials, in turn, creates considerable space for further staff talent development. In bringing forth Intelligence Engine, Wavemaker has transformed its work environment into a truly more sustainable and employee-centered space.
“I am excited to witness the company moving towards digital transformation. The deployment of Intelligence Engine greatly alters the way we work and allows us to focus more on higher-value work” remarks Tanya Xing, a member from one of the first teams that implemented Automation on an operational level.
With its numerous benefits already evident, Wavemaker China Automation Team will nonetheless continue working on improving WIE applications to make the company’s automation smarter and more user friendly, as well as more capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously.
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