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May 31, 2022, 12:30 ET
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LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading hair wellness brand, VEGAMOUR, announces strategic partnership with celebrity and wellness enthusiast Nicole Kidman that sees her join the company as both an investor and brand advocate. This unique partnership is the first step in the company’s global expansion plans, launching nationally into more than 400 Sephora doors in May, with plans to extend to UK, Europe, China and Australia later this year.
Vegamour Announces Nicole Kidman As Hair Wellness Advocate And Brand Investor.
For Kidman, much of VEGAMOUR’s appeal lay in the company’s focus on formulating its entire line from organically-grown, wild-harvested ingredients, proven to establish a healthy hair and scalp ecosystem. Combined with their comprehensive approach to wellness, she felt it was a perfect alignment. "It wasn’t about being the face of the brand or selling products, but being an advocate for a holistically-minded lifestyle that prioritizes self-care." Kidman says.
When it comes to iconic hair, Nicole Kidman’s curls rank among the most unforgettable looks in Hollywood history. But over the years, the Academy Award-winner’s tight-knit ringlets have withstood significant changes, an outcome she traces back to a number of factors: 15-hour workdays and 4 a.m. call times, harsh effects of constant travel and an active outdoor lifestyle, and — most of all — the near-endless straightening, coloring, and assorted other treatments she undergoes with each new role.
After years of having no control over the products used on set, she began closely studying ingredients and seeking an alternative to those toxic chemicals. In search of a clean and sustainable way to revive her curls, Kidman found a powerful solution in VEGAMOUR’s personalized and plant-based approach to hair wellness — a breakthrough that inspired her to partner with the brand and join in their mission to make a truly positive impact on the planet.
Within weeks of trying VEGAMOUR’s premium line of vegan, cruelty-free products, Kidman found her hair undeniably transformed: thicker, fuller, and noticeably less frizzy. She soon began recommending VEGAMOUR to friends struggling with their own hair troubles, and also sparked a conversation with CEO Dan Hodgdon regarding their shared belief in taking a holistic approach to all forms of wellness.
The two also connected over the company’s deeply ingrained environmental and social values, including a commitment to protecting biodiversity and sourcing ingredients through fair-trade partnerships with women-owned SMEs in disenfranchised communities throughout southern Africa and the world. "Once I learned about where they source ingredients and how they are supporting those communities through ethical harvesting, I knew that I wanted to support that mission" says Kidman.
Likewise, Hodgdon immediately felt a certain kinship in their core principles. "We hadn’t set out looking for a partner, but once I met Nicole it just made sense. We’re aligned across the board, from the importance of a natural, holistic approach to optimal hair wellness, to our focus on sustainability, biodiversity, social impact, and product efficacy."
As Kidman reveals, her personal experience with VEGAMOUR has led to a new awareness of her own power to preserve the natural curl pattern she now cherishes. "When I was younger, I didn’t pay enough attention to my hair, especially considering the demands of my career," she says. "I’ve realized that our hair deserves as much attention and care as we give to the rest of our bodies."
To that end, Kidman has embraced a more holistic mindset in tending to her hair, infusing her everyday routine with wellness practices designed to nourish hair from the inside out. "My perception of self-care has expanded," says Kidman, who lists the GRO Revitalizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Serum among her favorites in the VEGAMOUR range. "I am in tune with my hair, and all of the important elements of myself that impact my hair health."
As she progresses in her partnership with VEGAMOUR, Kidman hopes to empower others to take charge of their self-care and hair health. "I’d like to use my personal story and the daily challenges of my professional life to educate, inspire, and help people live their healthiest and happiest life — of which hair wellness plays an integral part."
Beyond the brand’s partnership with Kidman, VEGAMOUR is one of the fastest rising new brands at Sephora, thanks to their holistic, clean, high-performance approach. "Over the last two years, we have increasingly seen hair health become a top priority for our clients – with consumers searching for hair care solutions significantly more than years past", says Artemis Patrick, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Merchandising Officer at Sephora. "Vegamour has been a great partner for us, providing a wide assortment of products that prevent and treat hair and scalp concerns. We are elated to continue to partner with Vegamour to expand this category."
Internationally, the brand is rapidly planning to scale, with a UK launch slated for June, followed closely by the EU, China, Australia and UAE. June sees a groundbreaking new category launch for the brand, followed by an expansion into hair maintenance and clean styling categories in late 2022 and 2023. 
VEGAMOUR takes a holistic approach to hair wellness that incorporates powerful phyto-actives that work in tandem to address both the symptoms and underlying causes of visible hair damage, thinning and loss. Our inside out approach takes into consideration the health of the entire follicular ecosystem and works to promote a healthy environment for hair to thrive, naturally.
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