USA News Live Updates: SC opinion on vaccine mandate leaves decision up to employers, says Jen Psaki – Times of India

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Biden administration will keep having meetings, calls to promote voting rights, says Psaki

Biden ‘disappointed’ in court ruling on Covid vaccines mandate

Next step on protecting voting rights is in the Senate, Biden administration will of course look at others ways to do this, says Jen Psaki

SC opinion on vaccine mandate leaves decision up to employers, says Jen Psaki

Sullivan says still true that the threat of military invasion by Russia is high

US doesn’t believe Russia ‘definitively decided’ on Ukraine invasion: Sullivan

Sullivan says Russians were professional and business-like in talks

Intelligence community sees that Russia may be preparing for fabricating pretext of an invasion of Ukraine
Sullivan says discussion today on cybersecurity collaboration with private sector was ‘Incredibly Constructive’

Financial sanctions, strategic export controls are focus of potential sanctions package aimed at Russia that US, European allies are working on, Sullivan says

Reports signaling US will reduce troop levels in Europe are not accurate

US ‘ready’ for Russia diplomacy but also to ‘defend’ allies: Sullivan

NSA Jake Sullivan says US will remained engaged with Russians, allies on next steps in diplomacy over coming days

National security advisor Jake Sullivan addresses the media

US SC grants Biden administration request to enforce vaccine mnadate for healthcare workers nationwide

US Supreme Court blocks Biden workplace vaccine-or-test mandate for larger employers

Voting rights push is about election subversion, who gets to count the votes
US President Biden says I hope we can get voting rights done

US charges far-right militia leader with seditious conspiracy in Capitol riot

Key US Senator opposes changing Senate rules to pass voting rights reform


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