USA Hockey: Fans React to Blackhawks' Goal Song Being Used During Olympic Tournament – NBC Chicago

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Chicago Blackhawks fans who tuned into the Winter Olympics this week may have had their ears tricked by one of the in-arena goal songs, as a tune that has accompanied the United Center goal horn for more than a decade has been played a lot during the opening week of competition.
The United States women’s hockey team has romped to three consecutive victories to start the competition, and after many of their goals, the song “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis has blared out over the loudspeakers in Beijing.
  The song has been used by the Blackhawks as their goal song for more than a decade, and the use of the tune by the United States team has caught the attention of plenty of fans:
Chelsea Dagger as the @usahockey goal song? Yes please!
I love that USA Womens Hockey goal song is Chelsea Dagger!
Of course, non-Blackhawks fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the choice:
The only bad thing about all of these USA goals is having to hear Chelsea Dagger over and over again.
There was another small nod to the Blackhawks during Sunday’s game between the U.S. and Switzerland. During a stoppage in the first period of the game, an organist’s rendition of the song “Here Come the Hawks” was played inside the arena:
Lots of little #Blackhawks references during Team USA's game against Switzerland this morning. An organist's rendition of "Here Come the Hawks" played during a stoppage, and "Chelsea Dagger" played following Northbrook native Jesse Compher's goal.
The song is known as the “official fight song” of the Blackhawks, and was written and released in 1968, according to the team:
The music choices probably sit well with team captain Kendall Coyne Schofield, who currently works for the Blackhawks as a player development coach.
Speaking of Coyne Schofield and her teammates, they will be back in action on Monday night against Canada in the final game of group play. Puck drop is at 10:10 p.m. between the two undefeated teams, and the game will air on USA Network and Peacock.


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