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– EU proposes landmark measures to impose gradual ban on Russian oil, following US' oil ban
– Goldman Sachs confirms: "Recession risk has risen"
– Inflationary pressures mean that civilian workers' average income declined 3.7% in real terms over the year ending March 2022
– Wall Street enjoy steady growth on Tuesday after painful April: Dow Jones (up 0.2%), NASDAQ (up 0.22%), and S&P 500 (up 0.48%)
President Biden confirms intention to announce decision on student debt cancellationin the coming weeks
Some states are offering higher SNAP benefit amounts as food prices increase
– Where do the experts stand on renting vs buying in this new housing market
– Looking for a status update on your tax refund? Use the IRS' Wheres My Refund? tool.
– Which states have the lowest prices for electricity?
– Medicare enrollment:what you need to know
– Chicago provides $150 gas cards: how to apply
Maine providing full-time residents$850 relief checks to combat effects of inflation on household finances.
Is SSI the same as Social Security disability?
Can I collect Social Security and disability at the same time?
How do I get an EBT card in New York?
What are the main types of financial assistance I can apply for in California?
How do I get an EBT card in California?
What conditions are considered a disability for Social Security?
Are Social Security disability payments for lifetime?
What is the EBT card and who can apply for it?
Which states have the highest and the lowest gas tax rates?
What are the negatives of student loan forgiveness?
White House considers the prospect of student loan forgiveness
Talk of student loan forgiveness has been mooted again in recent weeks and President Biden is expected to submit a proposal to ease the financial burden on borrowers. For now, Biden has refused to give full details on the new measures but White House press secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed that the President is considering a number of different options. 

 “I think ever since you came into office, things are really looking up, you know. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up, everything."
Gas prices and electricity bills combine to hit consumers
The rapidly rising cost of electricity in the United States is expected to cause more headaches for consumers, compounding the financial impact of soaring gas prices. The average price of a gallon of gasoline across the US has broken historic records in recent weeks and there appears little chance of respite for consumers in the near future. 
“This is an affordability emergency,” The Utility Reform Network executive director Mark Toney told The New York Times. “If you want to control inflation, one of the things you have to control is energy costs.”
Housing market pressures exacerbated by high inflation
It is no secret that the rate of inflation has soared over the past year as the American economy powers up again after the pandemic restrictions have been removed. It is an important step in getting back to normal but the rapid expansion of the economy is having major drawbacks for many Americans, particularly those hoping to buy a house. 
As is explained here inflationary pressures are pushing up the prices of everything in the United States, and it's hitting prospective homebuyers hard. 
What conditions are considered a disability for Social Security?
Social Security payments do not just provide financial support for senior citizens, disabled Americans can benefit from the support programs too. Both the Supplementary Security Income (SSI) and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments can be attained by having a disability, but both have different requirements.
Here's everything you need to know about the eligibility requirements for both programs, and how to apply…
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"We are setting records in total workforce, total employment, the fewest unemployed since the early 2000s and we are a much bigger state. This is not a problem anybody has ever seen at this scale … You can throw out the book. People are not saying this is a great problem to have. It is the flip side of a bad economy. You have a situation where orders are skyrocketing and you cannot get personnel."
New study shows the benefits of the boosted Child Tax Credit
After previous surveys to determine where the Child Tax Credit has been sent, the Tax Policy Center has released new findings for a follow up survey conducted at the end of the expanded payments in December. Most families used the CTC to cover routine expenses without reducing their employment. Families were able to plan their funds better, as well as prepare their chidlren for schol and university.
This was especially trure for Black, Hispanic, and other minority families. The group found that the expanded Child Tax Credit was important tool for addressing both racial financial inequality in the United States.
Post-pandemic economy leaves countless unfilled jobs
Last October the state of Georgia reached its record low unemployment rate of 3.4%, a key step along the road to marking the end of the covid-19 pandemic's economic impact. As the rate fell steadily and hit 3.1% in March 2022, it became clear that there was another major issue as businesses struggled to fill vacancies.
Indeed, the imbalance between labor supply and demand in Georgia is among the most acute in the country, according to federal data pointing to a difficult adjustment ahead as jobs and workers reshuffle for the post-pandemic world.
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