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Candidates on both sides of the US political divide are trying to win over independent voters, with just two weeks left until midterms elections. They have differing views on what has happened to the economy.
President Joe Biden made his "closing argument" on Monday during a visit to the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in Washington. He told staff and volunteers that the midterms, on November 8, provide "a choice between two vastly different visions."
Biden made a pitch to help his Democrats maintain control of both houses of Congress. He said he inherited "a nation in crisis," with the economy "in ruins." He said he brought unemployment down and grew the economy "from the bottom up."
The Republicans have framed the midterms as a referendum on Biden's tenure. His predecessor Donald Trump blames the President for record high inflation, the issue voters care about most.
Trump addressed Republicans on Saturday at a rally in Robstown, Texas. He said no matter how powerful the "corrupt, radical-left Democrats" may be, Americans should not forget the nation does not "belong to them." He has endorsed hundreds of candidates, many of whom are still on the ballot.
Pollsters from ABC News have seen "steady movement" toward the Republicans. Their models on the website FiveThirtyEight suggest the party has regained the edge it had lost a few months ago.


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