Unleash your creativity with a design solution for biophilic style and wellness-focused performance – The Architect's Newspaper

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From corporate offices and schools to hospitality spaces and transportation hubs, incorporating natural wood aesthetics into ceilings and walls is an effective biophilic design solution that merges occupant wellness, sustainability, and aesthetic sophistication.
With and extensive palette of shapes, sizes, species, finishes, and even acoustic options, the CertainTeed Architectural portfolio of wood ceilings and walls empowers designers to enhance the ambiance of commercial spaces. The CertainTeed Architectural wood line comprises panels, grilles, beams, open cell, and other popular formats in dozens of rich standard and custom stains. Depending on the ceiling format, you can choose from three different wood constructions—solid wood for its durability and all-natural aesthetic, wood veneers for their variety of choice and design flexibility, or reconstituted wood for a predictable engineered solution that’s uniform and budget friendly. And for projects that demand the utmost in creative freedom, the fully engineered Decoustics® line creates truly one-of-a-kind spaces.
But looks only part of the story. With responsible Forest Stewardship Council®-certified sourcing practices, high recycled content, and health-conscious components, CertainTeed Architectural Wood ceilings wood line is also highly sustainable solution. In short, everything you need to create spaces focused on occupant wellbeing and the health of the environment.


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