Unit of 150 US Marines to train in Finland this autumn – YLE News

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Cooperation between the Finnish Navy and US Navy and Marine Corps has increased in recent months.
A unit from the United States Marine Corps’ 2nd Marine Logistics Group will train with Finnish units over the coming autumn months, the Finnish Navy announced on Friday.
"The entire unit of 150 persons will be accommodated at the Nyland Brigade and mainly operate in the brigade's training area," the statement said. The Nyland Brigade, known in Finnish as Uudenmaan Prikaati, is a predominantly Swedish-language naval unit based in Dragsvik, Raseborg, in western Uusimaa.
The US troops are expected to arrive in Finland from the beginning of next week, and will participate in the Finnish Navy’s main exercise of the autumn, codenamed Exercise Freezing Winds 22. Most are expected to stay for two months.
The statement further noted that cooperation between the Finnish Navy and US Navy and Marine Corps has increased in recent months.
"The exercises organised in May and August in Finland improved the interoperability of units and familiarised the American forces with the conditions and operating environment of the Finnish coast," the Finnish Navy said in a press release.
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Sources: Yle, Bloomberg


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