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Wed 29-12-2021 08:55 AM
ABU DHABI, 29th December, 2021 (WAM) — Omicron is on an uptick around the world. The new Covid-19 variant is spreading far more rapidly than the Delta variant, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Experts note that Omicron may multiply "about 70 times quicker" than the original and Delta versions of the coronavirus.
"In recent days, the number of cases has gone up in the UAE too but authorities here are taking no chances with strict safety measures in place at all places. From the country’s airports to various leisure destinations and the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai, all safety standards are in place to ensure the health and safety of tourists, visitors, holidaymakers and customers alike," Gulf News wrote in its editorial.
As footfalls to Expo 2020 Dubai continue to increase going up to 8,067,012 in the period up to December 27, "organisers have pulled out all the stops, making sure that all visitors to the site enjoy a memorable time there safely and responsibly", it added.
Covid-19 safety measures introduced at Expo 2020 Dubai are designed to protect everyone on site, and include mandatory mask-wearing, indoors and outdoors, for visitors, as well as all staff and participants.
The paper cited a statement of the Expo2020, which says, "A few venues may be temporarily closed" for deep cleaning and sanitisation in response to a couple of positive cases detected.
"All along, the authorities are prioritising transparency and an extensive workforce testing protocols is in place at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Social distancing regulations of at least two metres between people is encouraged," the Dubai-based English language newspaper noted.
As part of the overall sanitising mechanism, most venues and common areas undergo cleaning on a regular basis. There is provision for hand sanitiser stations, positioned at regular intervals throughout the vast site.
"Organisers at Expo 2020 Dubai have ensured appropriate facilities and specialist staff to manage any issues on site," the paper said, noting that given the world-class facilities in place, Expo 2020 celebrated Christmas recently with a series of special events, with thousands of visitors safely enjoying the festivities, with many taking advantage of the festive pass valid until the end of December.
At the end of the editorial, the newspaper said, "Despite the Omicron outbreak worldwide, with little known about its impact, the UAE continues to be one of the safest nations. The country leads the world in the vaccination rate. Residents and tourists are assured of the best and most efficient health systems.
"That is exactly why Expo 2020 Dubai continues to enjoy unprecedented numbers of visitors. It is for these reasons and more that UAE continues to be one of the safest places on the planet to enjoy year-end activities."


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