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Updated: January 11, 2022 @ 5:38 am
Greenville, Texas

Health & Wellness Columnist
Herald-Banner health and wellness columnist Liz Jones operates a yoga, personal training and corporate wellness program soon to expand as Jones Wellness Ranch in Greenville. She holds a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management.
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Oprah’s got nothing on me, well ok, maybe several millions of dollars and a huge public forum and all that involves, but hey- when it comes to opinions about the things we like, I have just as many as the big O does.
So, to wrap up the year of 2021, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things in categories of health, wellness and wellbeing.
To start off, I’ll start with the category of music.  For favorite song, although I’m not sure when it came out, I discovered it this year when my older brother sent me their cd and told me to watch the video of the song Resilient, by Rising Appalachia.  
The lyrics are so comforting after what the world has been through in recent history.  The video is a beautiful lyric dance performance.
In the Sleep category, my favorite things in 2021 are Epsom salt baths, Triple Magnesium supplements before bed, lavender oil spray, white noise apps and believe it or not, banana peel tea.
 I have often used banana peels for creating fertilizer for my plants by soaking the peels in water and using to give the plants nutrients (and I use an Epsom salt spray on the leaves), so it was no surprise that something that one living organism thrives from, is amazing to help another living organism- me!  
To make the tea, put a banana peel  (or several) in a small pot of water, bring to a boil, turn off and let the water steep for at least 15 minutes (longer is better) and drink the tea.  You can add some raw honey and coconut or almond milk to your specific taste and the taste is naturally mild and a little sweet.  I had one of the best night’s sleep after trying it the first time.
 The banana tea also falls into the Nutrition category alongside Vega protein shakes, homemade turkey bone broth, raw, local honey and Booth’s Brews, a local company that makes kombucha and will deliver to your home.  You can find them on Facebook or call 903-634-2780 and let them know I recommended them.  They deliver to our area about once a month.
In the category of yoga, fitness and body care, my favorite thing I have found is what looks like a torcher device, but is an amazing relaxation tool.  There are several versions of the Shakti Mat, some more fancy or expensive than others.  
I found mine on Prosource Fit and it was relatively inexpensive and is a mat and pillow that looks like a little bed of nails. I found it incredibly relaxing and am used to having deep tissue body work, so I did not find it painful at all.  After 15-20 minutes of laying of the acupressure mat, I felt so relaxed and as if blocked energy began to flow.
 Of course I am also a huge advocate for hands-on bodywork and offer Vedic Thai Bodywork sessions at my studio and can recommend my other favorite massage therapists for Swedish, deep tissue and reflexology if you are looking for a practitioner.  Scalp massagers are another one of my favorite things this past year, I found one on clearance for less that $1 that I massage my head with as much as possible.
In the category of Fitness Fashion, my favorite is Victoria Secret knockout sports bra and they have great clearance sales this time of year!  I also love their yoga pant for the fit and feel and they never roll down my fanny or fat rolls when I am doing yoga, running around or just wearing them around the house and some of their newest styles have wonderful pockets I can fit my phone in.  
My other favorites are Venus and going to thrift stores, especially My Sisters Closet in Greenville and Rockwall and Helping Hands.  They do a great job of offering quality clothing and really low prices.
I hope you and your make it a great 2022!!
Liz Jones is the owner of Liz Jones Wellness LLC, in Hunt and Rockwall counties, and is building Jones Wellness Ranch north of Greenville. She can be reached at  or through her website at

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