Thirty Day Wellness Jump-Start With Prairie Cardiovascular And HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital – Samantha Laturno

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Effingham, IL-(Effingham Radio)- With many thinking about healthy resolutions for 2022, Prairie Cardiovascular and HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital in Effingham would like to share a Thirty Day Wellness Jump-start with an achievable goal each day.
“Setting small daily goals for your health can give you significant results over time,” says Dr. Jessica Prange, a cardiologist with Prairie Cardiovascular. “Maintaining your heart health is a commonsense balance of a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise.”
Day 1: Say hello to strangers. Endorphins surge.
Day 2: Go to bed early. Your body and brain want 7-9 hours.
Day 3: Walk for 60 minutes. Destress and burn 300 calories.
Day 4: Practice gratitude. It’s a key to happiness.
Day 5: Eat more non-meat protein such as nuts, tofu, lentils, beans …
Day 6: Find alone time. Relax. Breathe slowly.
Day 7: Free yourself from technology. Schedule a day without computers, phones, television.
Day 8: Reduce the sugar in your breakfast. Forget processed boxed cereals.
Day 9: Park far away. 500 steps is a quarter mile.
Day 10: Make your own salad dressing. It’s a simple way to make a healthy change.
Day 11: Phase in more whole foods.
Day 12: Take the stairs.
Day 13: Call your mother. Connect with loved ones regularly.
Day 14: Eat high fiber foods such as artichokes, peas, pears …
Day 15: Get up every 30 minutes. No sitting all day.
Day 16: Cuddle more. It reduces stress.
Day 17: Eat with others. Make it social.
Day 18: Know your numbers. Schedule checkups with your doctor regularly.
Day 19: Express yourself. Artistic activities reduce stress.
Day 20: Eat local and seasonal foods. Connect with your place.
Day 21: Exercise with friends.
Day 22: At least once a week, make a meatless meal.
Day 23: Learn to say “No.” Manage your stress.
Day 24: Visit with friends. Connect with your community.
Day 25: Play outside. Don’t worry about the weather.
Day 26: Make your plate colorful. Eat the rainbow.
Day 27: Take a break. Burnout lowers immunity.
Day 28: Drink more water. Hint: the lighter your urine, the more hydrated you are.
Day 29: Move naturally. Just walk.
Day 30: Eat lunch away from your desk – outdoors if it’s warm enough.
If you’re concerned about your heart health, call 888-4PRAIRIE or visit to learn more about the doctors of Prairie.
A primary care doctor can help you establish healthy habits. To find a primary care doctor or provider who is a good fit for you, call HSHS Medical Group’s patient advocate at 833-973-0343.
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