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Refugees and migrants have health rights and needs, requiring culturally sensitive and effective care that recognizes both the impact of migration on physical and mental health and the various barriers hampering the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and affordability of health services for these populations.
The health workforce has a vital role in providing people-centred health services and building health system capacity to respond to the health rights and needs of refugees and migrants.
Recognizing the importance of promoting specific professional competence and capacity to adequately address refugee and migrant health issues, WHO is organizing the third edition of the Global School on Refugee and Migrant Health, this year with a focus on capacity-building.
The School will be held online from 28 November to 2 December 2022 with the theme “Capacity-building: human resources for refugee and migrant health”. It will be an e-learning event hosted by the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh and web-streamed worldwide from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The 5-day event will feature high-level keynote speeches, live panel discussions with multidisciplinary stakeholders, Q&A sessions, and a series of video reportage produced by regional and country offices as well as WHO Collaborating Centres to share experiences on health and migration from the ground.
Held every year, the School aims to support countries and territories to build competency on the public health aspects of migration and promote the development and dissemination of knowledge, attitude and practices based on the exchange of experiences and evidence.
The third edition of the School will feature five modules delivered over five consecutive days from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2022, every day from 16:00 to 17:30 Dhaka time (time zone converter). Each module will be dedicated to one specific thematic area as follows:
A detailed agenda will follow soon.
The event is free. The main target audience is policy-makers, health sector managers and officers working at different levels within ministries, researchers, academia, representatives of non-governmental organizations.
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