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This week on Real Health, it’s episode two from the National Ploughing Championships 2022. I’m bringing you my four pillars for lifelong wellness. From sleep to measuring progress with health, I’m telling you what you need to know.
Sleep for example, can be an overlooked aspect of health. While there are plenty of fitness trackers out there that will also monitor sleep, my biggest tip is to have a tech free bedroom.
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Making sure your phone is put away at least 30 minutes before going to sleep will help make sure the quality of your rest is as good as it can be. By having your phone out of the room, it minimises the potential for it to distract you. You also won’t be tempted to reach for it if you wake up in the middle of the night.
If you’re concerned that your child is spending too much time on their phones, then you need to show them that you don’t either! Try setting a time when everyone’s phones must be put away. It’s a great way to help overall family health.
I also go through the best ways to measure progress with health and the different types of exercise and what they're best for.
For more episodes, tips and advice from the show just click here.
And you can get in touch – I’m @KarlHenryPT on Instagram and [email protected]
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