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CBD has been extensively studied preclinically and increasingly in clinical trials for its potential effect on a wide array of health conditions. CBD is known to interact with human physiology through multiple mechanisms both within the ECS as well as in other biological systems. In fact, over 65 molecular targets of CBD have been identified so far.(15)
Some key points about CBD are that it
CBD both raises anandamide levels and enables anandamide to remain in our systems longer. This has the net effect of enhancing baseline endocannabinoid tone, which allows the ECS to be more responsive. It’s easy to understand why this might be important in theory, given that the ECS is master regulator of physiological homeostasis. Now, a growing body of evidence suggests a possible association between endocannabinoid deficiency and certain health conditions that make the need to understand CBD’s influence in supporting a healthy ECS more tangible.

CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on mood in several animal models of anxiety and depression.(20) Furthermore, in a randomized controlled study of a simulated public speaking test with people who had social anxiety, the group pretreated with CBD showed significantly less anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in performing public speaking compared to the placebo group.(21)
The ECS influences neuroplasticity, which is important for memory processing. CBD may prove to be helpful for the processing of aversive memories associated with trauma.(22)
Studies suggest that CBD may be helpful for supporting balanced inflammation.(23,24) CBD may have these effects by interacting with both the ECS and with receptor sites beyond the ECS, including the serotonin receptor system (25,26,27); glutamate-GABA pathways (28,29); transient receptor potential (TRP) channels (30,31); adenosine receptors (32); and glycine receptors.(33)
CBD reduced oxidative stress in diabetic mice with cardiovascular disease, preventing heart damage.(34) CBD was associated with a lowered incidence of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice.(35) It is possible these effects are mediated in part by CBD’s ability to interact with PPAR nuclear receptors, which play a role in metabolic functions such as energy homeostasis, insulin sensitivity and lipid uptake.(36,37)
In vitro and animal studies suggest that CBD may decrease inflammation and neurodegeneration(38), and help prevent cognitive decline.(39)

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