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| Sep 14, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic shifted Americans to more at-home meals, with 50% of consumers reporting that they eat more at home now than before the pandemic. A new report now examines the role that health and well-being play in that unprecedented shift towards at-home eating.  
FMI’s recently published “2022 Power of Health and Well-being in the Food Industry” takes an in-depth dive on consumer perspectives around health and well-being in the grocery store and an update on industry progress on health and well-being initiatives.
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According to the report, shoppers feel they are eating healthy (40%), but also indicate there is room for improvement (60%). Still, the majority (76%) of shoppers put either a lot or some effort into selecting nutritious and healthy food options.
5 key takeaways from the report include:
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“We now see a wider ecosystem of supermarket efforts that includes the full spectrum of health, well-being, prevention and self-care, from nutritious meal and snack solutions to biometric screenings and vaccinations,” said Krystal Register, senior director, Health & Well-being, FMI, in a statement. “These advancements would not have been possible without the contributions of food retail registered dietitians and pharmacists working in sync with store merchants, leaders and executives.” 
“Ultimately, retailers and product suppliers are embracing this ecosystem by providing choice to both consumers and employees seeking personalized guidance and support,” she said.
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