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The Oasis Wellness Center at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) has a high-end spa feel to it, which makes sense considering the initial research team for the center visited various universities and spa locations.
In fact, the idea for the center came about from the 2011 National College Health Assessment Survey. Kaila Lavin, the director of the Student Recreation Center, said the survey revealed three reasons why college students were not performing academically well:
As such, Debra Hammond, the executive director of the University Student Union (USU), collaborated with the Klotz Student Health Center and the College of Health and Human Development to write a white paper proposing an idea.
“This space — through mentored participation in a variety of health and wellness programs, services, and activities — would help students develop the skills and competencies to improve academic progress,” said Lavin. “This would also assist students in achieving their professional goals and promote access to health and wellness services.”
The campus has had a positive reaction to the Oasis Wellness Center. “CSUN students are often amazed at how the USU, in collaboration with the university, has prioritized wellness on campus, which gives them access to such services and programs,” said Richard Cardona, the manager of the center. “For most, we are their home away from home and a place to relax, revive and succeed.”
When it comes to what programs are offered, Cardona said the geographic location of being in Los Angeles — a wellness capital and technology-forward city — allots for variety.

However, the above isn’t just just random additions. Amanda Christianson is the assistant director of Fitness and Wellness at CSUN. She said students are asked for their stressors and basic health needs. In addition, they gather participation numbers and informal feedback.
“All of this assists us in crafting successful programs and services offered at the Oasis Wellness Center,” said Christianson. “While this isn’t new in the field, it is something we think is essential for continued success.”
Over the years, Christianson has learned a couple of other lessons in overseeing programs at the Oasis Wellness Center:
The CSUN Oasis Wellness Center is a response to students’ needs. How is your health and wellness center responding to the needs of your campus population?
Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at
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November/December 2021
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© 2021 Campus Rec Magazine. Published by Peake Media.
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