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It was carried out by climatologists at Rutgers University
From the first day that war broke out between Ukraine and Russia last February, many experts began to speculate about an escalation of hostilities and the entry of other countries into the conflict.
One of the countries most opposed to Vladimir Putin‘s actions is undoubtedly the United States.
They are two of the countries with the greatest nuclear capacity in the world and whose enmity could provoke a war that would cause the planet to lose billions of lives.
This is attested to by a study conducted by climatologists at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
According to their predictions, the launch of nuclear weapons would have devastating consequences, as not only would millions of human beings die from the impact, but millions more would die from the consequences.
In total, the experts estimate that more than five billion people would die if a Russia vs USA nuclear war breaks out.
This study is made up of six scenarios, with other countries also proposed as the cause of a nuclear conflict and with different results, depending on the nuclear capacity of each country.
For example, the climatologists conclude in the other five scenarios that Pakistan and India would be other protagonists, although their consequences are nowhere near those of the nations led by Joe Biden and Putin.
Unsurprisingly, a war between the United States and Russia would have the worst consequences for the planet.
Food calorie production would fall by 90 percent over the subsequent three to four years, and this would be particularly noticeable in mid-and high latitudes.
This, in turn, would lead to supply shortages in areas such as Africa and the Middle East.
The study is led by researcher Lili Xia and states that 75 percent of the world’s population would suffer from famine.
It also indicates that the crops most affected would be maize, wheat, rice and soya, while grazing and fishing grounds would be depleted.
Finally, Xia explained in the journal Nature Food what impact such a war would have on the planet.
“The ozone layer would be destroyed by heat in the stratosphere, producing more ultraviolet radiation at the surface, so we need to understand the impact of such a scenario on food production,” Xia said.
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