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LATEST studies show that the current workforce's perspective toward mental health, wellness and company culture continues to shift.
According to findings from the American Psychological Association's 2022 Work and Well-being Survey, 81 percent of workers are looking for jobs in organizations that actively promote their employees' mental health.
LinkedIn data, likewise, show that 66 percent of Generation Z workers want a workplace culture that prioritizes mental health and wellness.
Meanwhile, the 2022 Employee Wellness Industry Trends Report from Wellable Labs discovered that 90 percent of employers invested more in mental health programs.
Seventy-six percent of the employers also invested in stress management and resilience programs, and 71 percent in mindfulness and meditation programs.
“Culture is very important because people know that they have choices, and their choices are beyond the name of the company or the salary that they make,” said Judy Jackson, global head of culture and engagement at communication company WPP, in the newly released report from LinkedIn.
With a market value of $1.5 trillion, health and personal well-being is “definitely a lucrative market to tap into.”
The rate has been growing at 5 percent and 10 percent yearly, with “no sign” of the post-pandemic decline that some analysts had predicted.
Job shopping is on the rise — twice as many job postings were viewed in 2021 compared to 2019, according to LinkedIn. And when it comes to what employees are looking for, all priorities point to company values.
According to LinkedIn, 63 percent of workers say their top priority in a new job is work-life balance, followed by colleagues and camaraderie (40 percent), and culture (60 percent), all of which outrank compensation and benefits.
“This growth seems to indicate that health and wellness is an enduring post-pandemic trend, which could provide opportunities for continued consumer spending,” Marshal Cohen, chief retail industry advisor for NPD, said.
“US consumer spending on wellness categories, including fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness, is increasing, as about 40 percent of US consumers consider these categories to be a high priority,” states a recent McKinsey report on health and wellness spending.


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