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By Maya Donchez, the Daily Campus
February 15, 2022
The University of Connecticut’s Student Health and Wellness, otherwise known as SHaW, launched a campaign to encourage UConn students to get COVID-19 booster vaccinations.
According to the SHaW Spring 2022 COVID-19 vaccine and booster requirements, students enrolled at any UConn campus require full vaccination status; unless a valid exemption is provided.
The “#GetBoostedUConn” is a digital campaign that highlights the campus services students would miss out on if they don’t meet COVID-19 booster requirements.
The UConn SHaW YouTube channel produced a video detailing all the on-campus activities students can participate in with full vaccination. These include attending in-person classes, using the Student Rec Center and getting tickets to sporting events.
According to the #GetBoostedUConn campaign, the first 25 students to share booster vaccine plans to social media and tag SHaW will receive a free T-shirt. Students have an opportunity to get involved.
Michelle Tirabassi, a health communication specialist at SHaW, spoke about the campaign and the importance of vaccination.
She continued by stating that the “#GetBoostedUConn campaign is for all students and it’s important for all students: undergrad, graduate and regional campuses.” According to Tirabassi, the campaign launched on Jan. 18 when the #GetBoostedUConn video was available.
“SHaW has been sharing important information on COVID-19 vaccine and boosters since the beginning of winter break via social media,” Tirabassi said.
The campaign advertisement also contains some important information regarding vaccination eligibility and appointments. According to the advertisement, students are able to schedule a booster appointment five months after a final Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. If a student received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, only two months are needed between final dose and booster.
A COVID-19 booster vaccine appointment can be made through the “MyChart” section of the SHaW website.
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