Stowe, Angela – News | UAB – University of Alabama at Birmingham

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College mental health • Mental health support for LGBTQ youth and college students • Suicide prevention • Wellness promotion and resiliency training
Media contact: Shannon Thomason, [email protected] 
Chair of the UAB Suicide Prevention Leadership and Implementation team
As director of Student Counseling Services, Stowe has advocated for increased mental health services on campus and grown services at UAB over the past eight years. In 2015, she started the Collegiate Recovery Program to support students in recovery and help them reach their professional and academic goals. Stowe led the task force to develop the UAB Cares Suicide Prevention Initiative and worked with students to create the B Well UAB app. Stowe’s professional service has focused largely on advocating for safe spaces in schools for LGBTQ youth and college students. Through her leadership, UAB Student Health and Wellness established a multidisciplinary Gender Transition team and became the first institution in the state of Alabama to provide students with access to integrated care for gender transition services.


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