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Synopsis: This is a special-edition podcast series by The Straits Times to raise greater public awareness of the modern scourge of scams in Singapore and globally.
In Singapore, nearly $1 billion has been lost by scam victims since 2016. Mutating and spreading, different types of scams have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from romance to work. The police are cracking down on offenders. What can you do to protect yourself?
In the series’ eighth episode, ST’s deputy news editor Andre Yeo, crime correspondent David Sun and journalist Jessie Lim speak with Mr Brian Bruce, chief of operations at Global Anti Scam Organization (Gaso), who is in charge of its investigations team.
During the episode, Mr Bruce warned about pig butchering scams which combines tactics used in love and investment scams.  
Mr Bruce also mentioned how Gaso – formed in June 2021 – works with government agencies in South-east Asia to secure the release of human trafficking victims who were duped into working for scam syndicates in Myanmar and Cambodia.
Highlights (click/tap above):
0:40 What the Global Anti Scam Organization (Gaso) does to tackle scams worldwide
3:11 How Mr Bruce lost US$200,000 in a cryptocurrency investment scam in September 2021
9:03 How the pig butchering scam works and its impact on victims 
17:57 Scam syndicates in South-east Asia and their recruitment tactics 
20:05 How scam victims can recover psychologically from a scam 
22:26 How Gaso works with US and South-east Asian law enforcement agencies to secure the release of those lured into working for scam syndicates  
Produced by: Andre Yeo ([email protected]), Jessie Lim ([email protected]), David Sun ([email protected]), Ernest Luis, Teo Tong Kai and Eden Soh
Edited by: Teo Tong Kai
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